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8 Leveling ‌Mistakes‌ ‌World‌ ‌of‌ ‌Warcraft‌ ‌Beginners‌ ‌Make‌ ‌and‌ ‌How‌ ‌To‌ ‌Avoid‌ ‌Them‌ 

World of Warcraft is an iconic, ground-breaking MMO that continues to occupy many evenings and weekends for more than 15 years. World of Warcraft is a jack of all trades, with ultra-difficult raids, varied, exciting tasks, and significant, experimental expansions that take daring chances, where some of the finest MMOs excel at only a few things.

However, even for lapsed gamers, stepping back into World of Warcraft may be overwhelming after years of updates and so much history to brush upon. Fortunately, the procedure has recently been simplified. In any case, this World of Warcraft beginner’s guide will assist you in your initial steps, whether you’re playing Classic or Retail. Users can get easy help from Classic-boost.net.

8 Mistakes to avoid in ClassicWorld of Warcraft

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1. Clicking

Clicking is perhaps the most obvious sign that you’re a newbie. But don’t feel terrible; we’ve all been there. When you click spells using your mouse, your response time is substantially slower than when you utilise keybindings.

When you initially arrive in Azeroth, you should first map all of your spells to your keyboard (or MMO mouse). Your recovery will be more rapid. Because of superior rotation execution, your DPS will increase. When opposed to clicking, keybindings have no disadvantages.

2. Turning the Keyboard

Using WASD, or even worse, the arrow keys indicate that you are a novice player. In reality, keyboarding PVE stuff is still a viable option. You don’t want to do that in PVP because of the fast-paced setting.

It’s considerably more efficient to turn using your mouse while attacking your keyboard. It enables you to quickly reposition your character, facing opponents behind you and leaping away in a second. The top PVPers will move their mouse, resulting in a notable difference in response time.

3. Raiding LFR (Only)

LFR has long been a contentious topic. It’s a streamlined version of the raid that eliminates practically all mechanics and eliminates the possibility of wipes if something goes wrong. You’re incorrect if you believe LFR is excellent for Normal or Heroic training. It’s almost as if it’s a whole separate raid.

It’s not worth fighting through the gear with a bunch of guys who don’t want to be there. Even if you PuG it, Normal Mode is simple enough. When looking for a Normal raid, the calibre of the players is usually better than in LFR. It’s also a far better proving ground for more challenging challenges. LFR isn’t going to teach you how to raid.

Img source: kotaku.com.au

4. Seeking Assistance From Trade Chat

Do not seek assistance from trade talks. Don’t ask for gold in trade talks. Unless you’re just seeking to have a good time, stay away from trade conversation. If you ask a question in trade chat, you’ll almost always get jokes, insults, or false information.

People can be helpful at times, but the truth can be lost in a sea of trolls. You’re far better off asking a specific player or, better yet, looking up information on Wowhead. If you put too much faith in trade conversation, you’ll find yourself in the Barrens, fighting the Lich King for Ashbringer.

5. Re-enrolling to overpower classes

You’re going to be dissatisfied if the only reason you’re playing a particular character is that they’re the flavour of the month. Many people hear about a powerful class and immediately desire to play it. You will not like playing the rogue, no matter how powerful it is if you dislike melee DPS.

Blizzard will inevitably nerf them, leaving you with a weaker character that you don’t enjoy playing. The game goes through phases of determining which classes/specs are the most powerful, so be patient and play what you want. As long as you play your class correctly, there will always be a place for you.

6.  Important Items to Vendor

What exactly is this? Do you have any spider legs in your luggage? Why do you have a raptor egg on your person? They don’t appear to be of any immediate value to you. So you sell them to a dealer, just like anyone else would. Later on, when you learn vocations, you realise: well, that’s what they’re for.

It’s not a significant issue because you can always buy the components from the Auction House to increase your skill level. It is only that keeping them may save you a lot of money. You could have made a lot more money if you had sold those products to other players. Hopefully, you will recognize your error soon enough, and the dealer will allow you to repurchase it!

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7. Keep Your Pet’s Taunts Turned On

A slew of harmful stereotypes surrounds hunters. Why? They appear to be attracting a lot of new gamers. They’re straightforward to play, particularly in early expansions, and who doesn’t want an excellent animal companion? People moan when they see a Hunter in the group for a reason.

They’re going to roll on everything. During shortcuts, they’ll forget to dismiss their pets. They won’t remember to turn off Growl. They don’t even know what Growl is, God forbid. A tank complains about losing anger because the Hunter didn’t turn off his pet’s taunt is common in lower-level dungeons.

It might have been disastrous for organisations back in the day. Although it is no longer a significant issue, Hunters should remember not to use Growl in dungeons or raids.

8. Gear Downgrading

We’ve seen a few rookies roll on gear that isn’t good for them in dungeons. That shirt with the intellect/spirit combo that was recently released? Because it has a higher armour value and more stamina, a warrior believes it is better for him. Is there a ring for agility? The wizard, on the other hand, has no calls. It has to be preferable to nothing.

Most people will understand if you explain that you’re a new gamer. However, don’t simply roll the needle on every item that drops because you assume it’s an improvement. If you’re not sure if it’s beneficial for you, there are many websites, such as Icy Veins, that may assist.


Every newbie should know all of the WOW mentioned above frequent blunders. You can get a cheap WoW boost if you wish to perform well. It is preferable to recognize your errors as soon as possible rather than losing the game. You will take ample time to learn the rules and perform effectively initially.

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