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4 Benefits of Using Remote Control Winches For Forestry and Logging – 2024 Guide

Forestry and logging are some of the oldest human activities and industries out there. Like every other sphere of human activity, these industries received a lot of benefits from mechanization. Progress in metalworking allowed us to use machines that cut and transport timber from the forest to its destination. Now the first breakthrough in these industries came with steel saws, and that happened centuries ago. The future might hold something much more exciting, like drones, laser cutters, and robots, but one machine brings enormous benefits today and is pretty undervalued. We are talking about using remote control winches in forestry and logging. When someone mentions dangerous jobs, people usually imagine police officers or soldiers, but the industries we are talking about are quite hazardous. The fatality rate is 108 deaths for every 100,000 workers on an annual basis. We have all heard about the customary yelling of “Timber”.

That is a warning to anyone nearby when a tree is being felled. But to understand how deadly this job is, there is another traditional phrase we should know. The term “widowmaker” we use for a tree that is not yet on the ground but is not standing tall. That is truly showing us how important is to stay safe in this profession, and how quickly can everything go wrong. There are so many things that can go awry during the felling itself or later, during transportation. Using remote control will provide a lot of help in making sure everyone stays secure. But there are other benefits as well. They improve the productivity of workers as well. So if you are curious about this topic and maybe want to get some machines for forestry, check out uniforest.de. But most importantly, let us show you four benefits of using remote control winches for forestry and logging.

1. They provide more freedom of movement

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The benefit of being able to operate your machines without cables is truly immense. Being not restricted to the length of our cable is a huge perk. That means we are much freer to walk around, and we can be in safer positions. Not to mention that there is less maintenance needed since cables tend to have problems after being used for a while, and they will require a replacement. If you are worried that installing or using the remote control is difficult, worry not. It is pretty easy to start using them, and later, you will wonder how you could ever work without them. The main benefit here is of course being able to operate from a safe distance. As we mentioned, that is the number one cause of accidents. Therefore, using this equipment is the best available way to make sure that all of the workers are safe. After all, that is our main goal.

2. It is more efficient and the operator is not getting as tired

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We can effortlessly move the remote control around the area. We can store it in a car that we use for transportation, so it is always where we need it to be. The control over your equipment is now on the tip of your fingertips at all times and in any possible situation. Anything that saves us time so much is good. That will enable you to accomplish even more with the time you have saved. Not only with preserving time but manpower as well. That means more workers will be available for other jobs. But even more importantly, it means our workers will be less tired. That is significant because a weary worker is less efficient and a danger to himself and others. Often the cause of accidents is lack of concentration, and when everyone is not exhausted, their focus will improve.

3. Huge benefits to security

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We are emphasizing the point of safety and security once again. But then, anyone who is part of these industries fully understands how crucial these points are. It is an essential problem every worker faces. And in many, if not all of the situations, radio control will be a much safer option. Not only we can stay in a more safe position, but you can also respond much faster. Another benefit is being able to have a much better grasp of the entire situation. You can have that by choosing a good overview point. All of this will be especially useful in riskier operations. Sometimes there is a need for putting the workers in pretty critical situations on the ground. But that might not be the case with the use of remote control. Since they allow much more distance between the workers and hazardous situations.

4. Customizing it for your preferences

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Another great thing about most remotes is that they are highly customizable, and we can configure them to our specialized needs. It doesn’t matter what kind of customization you require. Icons on buttons, want to change how the buttons work? Or maybe you want particular data to be given to you? All of that and more is a possibility. No matter what details you want to change, to best suit you or just to look exactly how you imagined. All of this can be useful when you get the remote control so you can customize it for the work that needs to be done. But there is another benefit. Sometimes the requirements of the job change. Being able to adapt is vital to continuing the work at maximum efficiency. And that is exactly what is achievable with remote control.

As we saw, there are a lot of benefits to using remote control in forestry and logging. Most of them are about increasing the efficiency and safety of workers. After all, those are the primary concerns of all of us who are connected to these industries. Hopefully, you have learned something that will change your mind about what is modern forestry all about. At least, until the future with robots, drones, and lasers arrives. But we guess even then, everything will still be done remotely.

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