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The 12-Steps You Need to Recovery From Drug Addiction

Drug addiction becomes a personal thing for many people. It starts personally, and it has to end personally as well. There is no switch button that can just remove someone’s addiction just like that. They have to work for it, they have to accept the fact that they are going through an addiction problem and that they have let this addiction ruin their life for the last time.

Many people opt for the drug rehab treatment centers, but the fact is that even though the treatment programs work well more than 90 percent of the time, there are times when they are not working well and there is something else needed. Something on a spiritual level is needed to heal someone that is going through the drug addiction problem. That thing is called the 12-step program, and ImpactRecoveryCenter offers it. It was created almost a 100 years ago. This program is basically something that included the spiritual aspect of the recovery process in your drug rehab treatment program. The program is all about faith and having faith in oneself that the treatment program for your drug addiction will be going all the way and that you will be recovered by just having faith in a higher being.

It is to be noted that the 12-steps program does not force anyone to follow a single religion, it is for all kinds of religions, and it does not discriminate. There are 12-steps that you have to know that will definitely help you in the long run. Many people aren’t aware of these simple 12 steps, they are the following:

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  • The first step in the 12-step program offers is to admit the fact that you are completely powerless over the drug addiction that you are going through. Accepting that you have no power over the drug addiction will give you freedom to let yourself go. Many people had a misconception about this step that it will make you weak if you accept your drug addiction and if you accept the fact that it has power over you, but in reality, in our subconscious mind, something else is running that makes us truly powerful over the drug addiction at this point.
  • The second step is to believe with 100 percent certainty that there will be a higher power that will definitely help you no matter what. This is like doing a freefall. You have to keep it in the back of your mind that there is a being that you cannot see and cannot feel but, in a way, you can feel this being. So, this step is all about feeling that this higher power will be there for you whenever you need this higher power to be there for you. This freefall feeling of trust can make you confident and will keep you reassured 24/7 that you are not alone in this fight against drug addiction.
  • The third step is to decide once and for all that you will give your entire life’s control to a higher being. You will let yourself fall into the arms of this higher power with your eyes closed. Giving your life means that in every single situation, whenever you make a decision, your decision will be done by first entrusting this higher power, this will rewire your brain into thinking that your decision is actually the decision of an entity that is all-knowing and knows what is best for you, this step in the 12-step program is something that can change the course of your treatment program all because a shift of power occurs here and comes into your hands.
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  • The fourth step is to take a personal outlook at yourself in a third-person’s view. Through this way, you can simply just look at yourself, keep an eye out on yourself, your mind won’t waver, and you won’t have to look at and focus on things that do not matter. This means to reflect on your words, the words that you speak to others, the words that you speak to yourself as well, the same goes for the actions that happen around you, by you, or by people and how to interact upon them happening.
  • The fifth step in the 12-step program is to finally accept the fact that you did wrong, you have to accept fully to the higher power, to other people, and to yourself that you have done wrong in the past. Once you accept your wrongdoings, you will feel like a huge weight will be off of your shoulder that you have been carrying around for as long as you can remember doing something wrong to someone.
  • The sixth step is to be always ready and let the higher power take charge of all the things and correct anything that you have done wrong or anything that is wrong in your character and personality. This can be habits, this can be your words, this can be your will, mindset, thoughts, intentions, anything that makes you entirely you.
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  • The seventh step in the 12-step program offered is to finally let the higher power change you for the better. Asking the higher power to heal you. This is a plead to the higher power to help you in this changing process so that you become a better person.
  • The eighth step is to make a list of all the wrong things you have done to people and rectify them.
  • The ninth step is to get in touch with the people that you have hurt and solving things that have plagued your relationship with them. If getting in touch with these people would hurt them even more then you should stay away from them.
  • The tenth step is to keep reflecting on your behavior and always accept the moment you have done wrong. This can be an instant revelation, an instant moment of gratification and power where you take control of a situation that would have gone bad.
  • The eleventh step is to stay connected with the higher being through the prayers and well wishes.
  • The twelfth step is to keep on giving the message of the 12-step program and helping other learn it too.

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