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Tips to Follow When Shipping a Car

If you are looking to move your car across the country and you are not able to drive it yourself, you will need to find the right car transport company to help get this done. They are able to handle the transport of your car, getting it from the current location to your new home without any hassles or issues.

This can make life a little bit easier when you are looking to make your move as painless or possible. A car transport company like MercuryAutoTransport will take care of your vehicle and deliver it safely at your destination. But what are some of the ways that you can get prepared ahead of time to ensure that the vehicle is safe and secure the whole time. Some of the tips that you should follow when shipping your car includes:

1. Wash the Car

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It is a good idea to get your car washed before you get started. Dirt and dust are going to hang onto the car and will hide all the dents, scratches, and dings that are already on the car. Before you decide to have the car transport company come to pick up the vehicle, take the time to wash it off well.

When the car is clean, you will be able to do a full inspection and look at any possible damage that is done ahead of time with the car and compare it to how the car looks when it is dropped off later.

Take note of some dings and dents that are on the car at this time. Write them down and take some pictures of the car. This is your documentation and it is much easier to see when the car is clean. When the car gets to your new location, you will be able to compare the condition to ensure that your car is in the shape that you expected.

2. Clean the Inside of the Car

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Not only should you wash the outside of the car, but you should take the time to clean the inside of the car. During transport, it is common for the vehicle to get jostled around a bit. To avoid things from being tossed around while it is moved, take the time to clean everything on the inside and remove anything that you can’t secure down.

This will include your spare change, electronics, cables and chargers, and even the air freshener. This helps make sure that nothing will be thrown around the car at all and can even make the car a little lighter. Since these car transport companies are likely going to charge based on the weight of the car, it is best to make your car as light as possible.

3. Disable the Alarm

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Make sure that you disable the alarm before you drop the car off. If you leave it on, the truck driver who takes your car is not going to be happy with you by the end of the trip. Disable any alarm system the vehicle has to avoid problems during transport.

4. Do Not Gas the Car Up

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Your vehicle is going to be transported on a truck, rather than driven. This means that there is no need for you to spend the time or money filling it all the way up before you decide to load. This is just not worth the time until you get the car back at the end of the trip.

Having a full tank of gas can pose another problem. It will make the car heavier. And additional weight is going to add to the cost and the risk to shipment. It is always best to leave as little fuel in the tank of the car as possible when you are getting it ready to transport.

Put just enough into the car that it is able to get to the car transport company and enough to get to a gas station when you reach the new location. Anything else just adds weight to the car and increases your costs.

5. Check for Leaks

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Before you get the car loaded onto the moving truck, take a moment to look at the undercarriage of the vehicle to see if there are any big leaks. If your car has an aggressive leak with it, it is possible that the car shipping company will refuse to do a service for you.

If you do an inspection and notice that there is a leak, it is best to get it repaired ahead of time. This can help keep the car safe and ensures that it will not leak a lot of transmission fluid or oil all over the place while it gets moved.

6. Check the Pressure in the Tires

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Another thing that you should consider is the air pressure in your tires. Having the tires be under or overinflated can be risky when the car is being transported over the road. This is just as dangerous as driving the car so make sure that the tires are properly inflated.

When the car owner chooses to not properly inflate the tires, they increase the risk of the tires getting damaged while on the road. Checking it before you get the car loaded up will help and it only takes a few minutes to get it done.

Tire damage of this kind is the most likely to happen when you load or unload the tires. When you make sure that all of the tires are inflated properly, you will be able to avoid some of the problems that can occur on the road and you make it more likely that the car will make it safely to its final location.

Getting Your Car Ready for Transport

Img source: pexels.com

Choosing a good car transport company is going to be one of the best ways to get your car to a new area without a big mess or having to worry about moving it yourself. When you are ready to transport your car, make sure to use the tips above to get it to the new location with minimal issues along the way.

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