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31 Foods You’ll Never Eat Again Ever

Have you felt hungry and sad at the same time? Well these foods here are classic examples of guilty nostalgia.

1. Crispy M&Ms;



Met its tragic, untimely death in the United States in 2005.

2. Surge


The Coca-Cola Company ruined soda forever when they discontinued this fine beverage in 2003.

3. Planters Cheez Balls


These delicious cheese balls were discontinued in 2006. Several online petitions plead for their return. But what’s gone is gone.

4.  Butterfinger BBs



Finished its impressive run in 2006.

5. Pepsi Blue


Discontinued in the US and Canada in 2004.

6. Fiery Habanero Doritos


These wonders from Doritos were taken off shelves in 2009

7. Magic Middles


The turbulent mid-90’s took these delicious treats from our needy hands.

8. Wonder Ball


What’s inside a wonder ball? Magic. And Nestle killed magic in 2004 when it stopped manufacturing them after some children choked on the toys.

9. Mountain Dew Black/Livewire


Despite popular DEWmand, these drinks disappeared in 2004, and more recently in 2011.

10. Waffle Crisp


Has all but disappeared in recent years.

11. Gatorade Gum


Gatorade was the first to learn that drinks and gum don’t mix so well in the late 90’s.

12. Jello Pudding Pops


Jello Pudding Pops were a popsicle advertised by Bill Cosby. They disappeared in the early ’90s.

13. Oreo O’s


The most delicious cereal of all time met its end in 2007. Except in South Korea!

14. 3D Doritos


Apparently the world wasn’t ready for 3D snacks in the mid 2000’s, and so this product ended its run all too early. I blame Avatar.

15. Orbitz


This ground breaking soft drink/floating dots hybrid met its end in 1997. Who cares if it tasted bad, it looked so DAMN COOL.

16. French Toast Crunch


French Toast Crunch was a tasty cereal by General Mills that was discontinued in 2006.

17. The Supersize


Phased out of the McDonalds menu in 2004. Just once, just one more time, I’d like to say those wonderful words. And then puke.

18. Heinz EZ Squirt


There is something just so damn awesome about colorful condiments. Or maybe just so damn gross. Either way, barf ketchup was discontinued in 2006.

19. Ecto Cooler


Despite initially being simply a movie tie-in for 1984’s Ghostbusters, Ecto Cooler disappeared in 2001, forever ruining the contents of your lunchbox.

20. Wonka Oompas


Wonka Oompas were a chocolate and peanut-butter candy produced in the 1970s and ’80s. Now the name is used for a fruit candy.

21. Apple Newtons


Apple Newtons were an offshoot of the popular Fig Newton brand. Other discontinued flavors include grape and cherry.

22. Dunkaroos


Dunkaroos were sold by General Mills in the 1990s, but production has been scaled back, and they’re now very hard to find.

23. Sprite Remix


Entered the grocery store of the great beyond in 2005.

24. PB Max


Discontinued sometime in the 90’s because the Mars family didn’t like peanut butter. Seriously.

25. Snapple Element Drinks


The Snapple Element Drinks were popular in the early 2000s, but were discontinued. Since then, several online petitions have begged for their return.

26. Josta


The first energy drink ever apparently ran out of fuel in 1999.

27. Squeezits


General Mills ruined snack-time forever in 2001.

28. PB Crisps


As the Planters Wikipedia article (very trustworthy) states, these goodies were “discontinued for being too delicious.”

29. Uh-Oh Oreos!


Apparently the product has since been re-branded in 2007… but it will never be the same.

30. Crystal Pepsi


Crystal Pepsi was a clear, caffeine free soft drink.This great experiment in color was discontinued in 1993.

31. Four Loko


The Man killed Four Loko in 2011. RIP FUN.

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