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5 Tips To Make Your Junk Removal A Much Easier Task – 2024 Guide

There’s no lying about it: junk removal remains a huge project that requires a lot of effort. If you did a spring clean on a regular basis, you’ll be done a lot sooner with it. Once you’ve done a deep clean and did away with all the junk, repeat the process on a regular basis. Then it’s neither a lot to tackle at once nor will it require as much effort. Make sure you schedule the collection with a junk removal service in time. You can get an instant estimate here and ask for additional advice from the experts.

Be Organized And Categorize

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No matter how large your junk removal project is, don’t start randomly and have a plan in your hands. First of all, make a list of rooms that you need to sort out. Go into each room and determine the exact area, such as noting ‘bookshelves’. As you are in each room, take a good look at the furniture. Is it still good to keep? If not, will a new coat of paint do the trick?

Should the answer still be no, add the item to your list as something to toss? Next, create categories and give each category a color code. Clothes could be marked by a yellow highlighter and you probably keep them in several rooms. Attach a sticky note to each piece of furniture that needs to go.

Choose a Strategy And Just Start

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Determine a time frame within which you want all junk to be gone. If you can circle in a date, you are setting yourself a goal you want to accomplish. It’ll make it easier for you to commit to your endeavor. But try to be realistic. You will probably not manage to declutter your entire home within just one day – even if you lived in a studio.

You basically have two strategies you can choose from:

  • Choose a particular area of each room that you want to declutter. Do one area after another.
  • Decide which category you want to tackle first. If it’s books and magazines, you can start there.

Technically, you can combine both strategies for your junk removal. If you chose to go about it according to categories, you can start in one particular area of one room. Move on to the next room which contains the same clutter category. However, if you want to start in one area of some room and move about clockwise within the room, that’s ok also. You’ll only have to set aside some more boxes if there are more items of the same category in another room.

Make sure you can keep those category boxes in one designated area. In that manner, you won’t lose the oversight.


Take Three Boxes

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Once you’ve decided on a strategy, gather yourself three large boxes. One is for the items you want to keep. One is for everything that’s a goner. The latter is a box for all items that are still good to use. Those can be sold and donated since you haven’t used them in at least a year.

Now, put on your favorite music that puts you in a good mood immediately. It will keep your energy up and slightly distract you. It’s supposed to gently distract you to make it easier for you to let stuff go. You won’t be able to think too much about it, since your head can only handle one thought at a time. If you sing along, you can’t think too much about the maybe items.

You are more likely to make a swift decision about items you haven’t looked at in a while. Otherwise, you will keep thinking about it and all the memories. Keep in mind that memories are only alive in your own mind. You don’t necessarily need an object as a reminder. You will have those memories forever.

Additionally, you can set yourself a timer. Let’s say you set it for twenty minutes. You’ll have to declutter your first area for the junk removal within those twenty minutes.

The Time Has Come: All Out

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As soon you are done and have your boxes organized, re-organize what you want to keep. Whatever you want to sell, put it up for sale right away. You can do it with a garage sale or also try it online with craigslist or Kijiji.

Maybe you’re lucky on eBay. At the garage sale, you can also offer your donation items. Just put them in a box and attach a sign ‘for free’ for the easiest junk removal in the world. If your sale hasn’t been successful, you have two options, again:

  • You leave it at the curb, if you’re allowed to, and attach a ‘for free’ sign at your fence near the stuff or directly on each item.
  • Bring it all to a donation center or arrange a collection with the Goodwill

Anything no one wants for free, add to the stuff you want to toss. Leave it with the junk removal service to take care of it. Depending on how much and how heavy your junk is, you can have the guys haul it out from where it is. You can also put it at the curb if you can manage. But don’t do so earlier than a day before the collection date.

Sometimes, neighbors spontaneously decide to add their junk. That could raise your collection fees. If you’re in a hurry, you can ask for an express service and they’ll be there to collect it on the same day. But note, that you may end up on a waiting list if it’s spring or fall.

Parting Words

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Those are the times when most people do serious decluttering. It’s worthwhile to schedule a collection ahead, as mentioned at the beginning. The junk removal will also take care of donating your items, which makes your project a little bit more hassle-free.

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