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Effective Marketing Techniques that Won’t Cost You a Penny – 2024 Guide

One of the biggest problems that are common amongst small businesses or start-ups is the scarcity of funds. Though they are short on money that doesn’t mean, they should stop marketing their services or products. After all, marketing is the backbone of these businesses.

But in today’s world, it is not necessary that one has to have a big budget. We live in a technology-driven world that has opened up a lot of ways and techniques that can help start-ups and small businesses in marketing their product at full force without spending much on it.

Consider the below-listed ways as some of the best and effective marketing techniques that can help you in saving a lot of funds that you would otherwise have spent on marketing your products and services. All you need to do is apply them in your ecosystem and design a balanced strategy.

But remember that for small businesses and start-ups, investing in a Digital Marketing Agency can provide a great return on investment; it can help them reach more customers, build brand awareness, increase website traffic, and create an engaging online presence.

1. Create Engaging Articles

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One of the best and considerably low-budget techniques for effective marketing includes writing engaging articles. If you think you have a yen for writing or you have a writer in your team, put him to work and get some SEO-friendly articles for your website. While writing an article, there are two things that you need to keep in mind. Firstly, your articles should be SEO-rich; it should have the right amount of keywords, and secondly, the content should be related to your business.

There are many websites where you can submit your articles after creating your profile. Once you start posting, you will get engagement and impressions. This will indirectly increase the reach of your website and become a very effective and affordable marketing technique for you. When people search about the services that you provide, they might land on your article and get redirected to your website. Additionally, some free websites have strong communities, including like-minded people. So, it is a complete win-win situation for you.

2. Start Helping by Cross-Selling

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At times, when you get a client for a particular service, you can educate them about the other correlated services that you provide and can help them. For instance, if you are an IT firm; you provide a lot of technical assistance to clients. If someone comes to you for website creation, you can also give them website maintenance tips and tricks as a token of gratitude or help. This will serve three purposes for you:

  1. You will get into the good books of the client who will share the same thing with others, resulting in an increase in the business without spending a penny.
  2. It will increase the number of clients you have.
  3. You will be able to cross-sell your product showing your client that you are good at many things.

So, one of the best techniques in the book of affordable marketing is to make sure your client realizes that you have a lot of expertise in every service you provide. If you have services like videography assistance, you can use a promo video maker to get the best results.

3. Customer Satisfaction Should be Your Primary Target

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In many start-ups, you have people who are exceptional in their work, but they lag in one place, and that’s customer satisfaction. Small businesses and start-ups do have the expertise, but due to less workforce, the urgency to complete the project, the members of both are unable to do justice to their work. This is one thing that will come back to haunt you later. That’s why in marketing, it is a thumb rule that once the project is completed, you should check whether your customer is satisfied with the work or not. So, ask and confirm from your customer for his satisfaction.

This will help your brand in gaining reputation, and there are high chances that you get the referral bonus as a token of gratitude from your current client. If he or she is satisfied with your work, they might recommend your brand to others in their group, who are looking for services you provide.

4. Create a Good Bio

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One thing that can effectively increase the business and can become an effective marketing strategy, is the creation of a good bio. A lot of people don’t understand the urgency and need of having a good bio up on their website. But if you were to consider a suggestion from an expert, you should work on your bio, brainstorm a bit and then come up with a good and crisp bio.

Having a bland bio might be fine if you are at the backend, but those who are the face of the brand should have a quite interesting and intriguing bio. There are two important ingredients that your bio shouldn’t miss.

Firstly, it should have the professional information that shows your expertise in the area, and secondly, it should have your personal information forged in such a way that the reader can connect with it.

5. Use the Power of Social Media

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One of the most powerful and affordable marketing techniques include your activities on social media platforms. Social media has become a fundamental modern-day marketing tool. If you are aiming to hit big, consider making an active brand account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and a few more. But listing the platforms is not the solution; you need to come up with ideas that can seamlessly showcase your expertise on these platforms. Make sure your posts on these platforms will work as a medium of communication. It is not just the pictures or content; at times, you can create engaging videos using InVideo to attract customers.


These are the five most effective and affordable marketing techniques that you can use for your business. Also, don’t consider them just a stepping stone for you. In later years, you can still use these tricks for marketing purposes.

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