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How to Pick The Best Dress For Your First Escort Date?

Going out with a professional escort for the first time may appear to be a daunting task initially. But, if you wear the right outfit, your confidence level will go up a few notches without any doubt.

However, any pretty-looking garment is not perfect for your date. Let’s check the aspects that you should consider while choosing outfits for your first date with a lady.

The Venue Of Meeting

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When you pick an outfit from your closet to dress for your first escort date, keep the venue in mind. Escort dates can take place in a wide variety of places. It could be a posh restaurant, a club, a resort, an adventure activity camp, or any other place.

You should choose an outfit according to the venue of your date. If you are going for a short hike with your escort to know each other better, donning something casual and comfortable would be the best choice.

For such adventure activities, clothes that keep you comfortable are always the most suitable picks. You can settle for a pair of track pants, polo t-shirts, and sports shoes to look charming and casual.

Some people choose bars, coffee shops, etc., for their first date. You can wear casual outfits to all these places. A pair of jeans, casual T-shirts, and loafers can be a perfect combination for hitting any casual place.

On the other hand, if you have a dinner date with a professional call girl, you should wear a suit or formal shirt. Buttoned-up shirts are always the perfect choice for such fancy occasions.

Pair them with trousers of contrasting shades and ties. No matter how cliché it may appear, a white shirt with black trousers and a printed tie is almost perfect for all formal setups.

Weather Conditions

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Another factor that you should consider carefully before selecting any outfit for your first escort date remains the weather conditions. Broadly, the season should be a fair indicator of the type of clothes you should wear. But, some summer days can be unseasonably warm and some winter days might not be particularly chilling.

Therefore, the best option would be to check the forecast for the day and dress accordingly. If the forecast shows that the weather will be moderate throughout the day, you can skip the hassle of putting on multiple layers at bay even in winter.

In short, wear something that looks classy and makes you feel comfortable. Otherwise, you might feel too conscious about your outfit and lose focus on your conversation with your lady date.

For example, if you choose to wear a vest, a shirt, and a sweater below your coat to tackle chilly winter wind, you better be sure that the temperature will remain low throughout the day. Otherwise, you might end up feeling itchy and sweaty while talking with your lady date.

The Latest Fashion Trends

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Professional escorts generally maintain a list of their favorite clients. If you wish to appear on it, make sure to present yourself the right way on your first date. In order to do so, you need to check out the latest men’s fashion that is ruling the market.

Do not go for your first date dressed like a man from the past decade. If your closet lacks fashionable outfits, get yourself a pair of trendy clothes, accessories, and shoes to impress the lady on your first date.

If you are going to a nightclub, bar, or a casual party, you can wear a leather jacket. Leather jackets look stylish and almost all women like them.

Therefore, impressing your lady would be easier if you can keep the fashion standards in mind. However, if you are attending a theme party with your escort, you should pick your outfit accordingly.

One thing that you should not overlook while getting ready for your first date with an escort is the accessories you choose with an outfit. Do not combine casual-looking accessories with a formal outfit or vice-versa. On your special day, you should look impeccable.

So, everything you wear and carry should be in line. Be it the watch you wear, the wallet you carry or the shoes you put on, everything should match your overall attire.

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