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17 Outstanding Truths About Modern Dating That’ll Make You Feel Awesome If You’re Single

Feel good factor for you if you’re not dating because that’s so much cooler, at least in today’s time. And if you’re dating, this may be a mirror image of your romantic relationship – reality check buddies.

1. Power comes with NOT CARING.

The person in a relationship who pretends or actually cares less than the other has all the power in the relationship. It is as simple as that.

2. Immediately replying to a text is a sin.

You are constantly thinking about how to attract the other person even more than what he/she is already. Therefore, games are never ending. “I’ll text him after dinner.” to leave him thinking “what’s up? Does she even like me?”

3. Commitment phobia is common.

This is very common. Earlier, every person wanted a ‘commitment’ and today, “label-free” relationship is all we want because it gives you all kinds of freedom. You are in a relationship but you are not in a relationship so you are “technically” never cheating on your partner.

4. Talking on the phone is pure torture for one of you.

You hardly have anything to talk about since you have a lot more to do when you meet (yes that) and texting is easier and cheaper. You say a lot more on texts than you’ll ever say face-to-face or while talking on the phone (which according to you is useless). The era where you used to be up all night talking on the phone in the beginning of any relationship is over.

5. There’s a new term called “break” that solves half of your problems.

“You went out on a date with someone the other day?” – “Yes. We were on a break remember?” So yes, “break” is an excuse for almost everything even if it pisses the hell out of the girl/guy you like.

6. And you break up all the time.

“Breaking up” is a game, you break up every other day for every other reason, so much so that you really don’t realise when it’s TIME to break up.

7. Social commitments – crucial.

You always get a “Will let you know. Bye.” if you ask him/her out on a movie or dinner date since there are never-ending social commitments now that didn’t exist earlier – friends, colleagues, enemies etc. (We all may have to soon start keeping a social calendar, more like “chilling” calendar.)

8. Conscious effort to play it ‘cool’.

A person pretending to be super carefree who has no interest in you at all is the person who is more into you. It’s all about the ‘cool’ act to leave you wondering why that person is so disinterested and may be that will attract you to the person in some weird way.

9. One of you in the relationship ends up like this in ANY scenario.

Either you end up dating for too long or your relationship ends in a few days. Even if you date for too long, there’s a chance that it won’t work even after so many years. Hence, you obviously end up believing that you really don’t know if the term “love” even exists.

10. Rely on text responses.

Waiting for the person to reply to your text is the most horrible mistake you make because you know that the person is either trying hard to not reply or is busy pulling off the ‘cool’ act in front of his/her friends. However, you still WAIT.

11. You don’t even THINK of revealing your true self in front of him/her.

You feel you’ll push him/her away if you get down to displaying your imperfect self ever but you forget in the process that a lie can never be a base for a good relationship. You need to be genuine, which you are clearly not and will never be.

12. Social media flirting is all cool apparently.

Flirting with other people on social media is not exactly “cheating” for many people. So fighting about that is a wasteful argument, you’ll somehow get around it and believe that it’s NOT cheating.

13. All the “chilling” and “hang out” sessions mean only one thing.

Firstly, you move at the speed of light when it comes to ‘taking a step ahead’ in a relationship these days. Secondly, if you both make a plan to meet alone, just the two of you – you end up in bed more than often.

14. You get over each other easily.

In most cases, the break ups happen because one of the two has stopped feeling anything for the other person since he/she is too bored by then.

15. While some move on easily, others are left shattered.

People walk in and out of a relationship effortlessly. While it may be easy for one person to move on from the person he/she is dating, the other is left behind crying for days. Well that’s the way couples balance their relationships these days.

16. There’s a thin line between ‘romantic’ and ‘creepy’.

When the person you’re dating is hopelessly romantic, that is the deciding factor whether you want to be with him//her or not. If you find it creepy, this relationship is definitely not for you. It’s all too difficult nowadays.

17. New and the worst style of breaking up.

Breakups happen on the phone now, respecting the relationship AND each other are things of the past. Now, it’s all the same. It’s not mandatory to express your feelings face-to-face because somehow, no one deserves THAT anymore – it’s history.

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