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5 Things to Know about Engine Remapping and Car Chipping

No matter the type of the vehicle, what every driver wants is to get the most out of their car, no matter if it is about the speed, engine power, fuel consumption, etc. For many years now, there is an option to remap your car, which entire purpose is precisely that – to boost it all up. For those not familiar with how it all works, it is about changing and upgrading the engine software, and remapping is a term used for changing the operating parameters in the engine computer. It is a great way to increase vehicle power and much more than that, but before you decide to do so, let’s look at the five things you should know about engine remapping and car chipping.

1. It can improve car performance

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As car owners, depending on preferences, we all have certain things that we look for in a vehicle, and performance is usually the main thing. That is why one of the most important reasons why people are considering remapping is the fact that it will improve the vehicle’s performance. Every car is capable of producing more strength and torque than it is, and remapping can solve this problem and change the whole ride. Since the vehicle needs to be safe in driving on any terrain and under any condition, it may lead to non-utilization of its full capacity.

The other reason to limit the performances is because of the economic side since it is the best way to control fuel consumption. Once you decide to go with remapping, it will all change, and you will ride the car with maximum performance. That means that the ride will be much faster and that the vehicle will have the maximum torque possible. Many people are skeptical about that, but it is something that can completely change all the things you think about the car you own and make it completely different.

2. It can be dangerous to do it yourself

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It is one of the most popular ways of tuning, and it is known as stage one tuning. Simply put, this means that with this tuning, you only need to change the software, and the whole job is complete. Because of that, many people try to do it on their own, and it is something that can be pretty unsafe. Besides the fact that it can be damaging to the vehicle, it can also be dangerous for you since it is about changing the entire software, and one mistake can make driving that car very risky.

The best thing one can do is to call an expert in this field and the one with vast experience or a company of similar background and let them do all the work. If you have some experience doing that, there is another option to change it yourself, but if you decide to do so, using the software from a reliable company should be a must. It can be hard to find the right one, and reading the reviews can help with that. Some research is always necessary, especially when it is about our safety. As for the software, reliable companies are testing their products before putting them on the market, so you can be sure that the software is absolutely safe for the vehicle.

3. It is great for people who love camping

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Camping is an exciting hobby that allows you to see many new places, enjoy nature, relax and take a break from everyday obligations, but it requires a proper vehicle. It is impossible to go on such a trip with a small car without enough strength to face challenging roads. SUV cars are one of the campers’ favorites because they are big enough to pack everything you need and strong enough to pull the trailer or the caravan. Even with all that power and strength, what’s great about SUVs is that one can upgrade them even further as there is always the possibility of adding some extra power to them. If you decide to do that, you will notice the difference in riding on the highway and especially on some cliff, because the car performance will be much better, and it will be much easier to get whenever you want.

4. It can save you money

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When we talk about vehicles and saving money, one of the first thoughts is always about fuel consumption, and for those who cannot resist the urge to drive at full speed, remapping could be more than helpful. Of course, it’s always about how someone drives, but remapping and engine chipping can reduce fuel consumption due to installing turbochargers. Their purpose is to increase fuel compression to get the most out of the engine. Everything else still remains on each individual driver and their driving habits – whether they will always try to accelerate more quickly when the opportunity arises and use this extra power, or will they drive more economically.

5. It will increase the security

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Even though remapping and engine chipping are mostly about getting more power and increasing engine performance, if one chooses to install a valet mode, that can actually limit the car speed. It is helpful particularly when using valet services as this mode limits the vehicle speed and the distance one can drive it. The other mode is immobilizer, and it is a big boost to the car’s security because even if a thief manages to start the car if they do not have the switch, it will all be useless as it will not be drivable.

The verdict

Engine remapping can be beneficial in so many ways, and what’s even more important is that besides boosting its overall performance, it will also increase vehicle security. Consulting an experienced professional before taking any action is a must because only then can one be sure they got the top product. Read more if you want to find out how to boost the engine power, lower fuel consumption, or improve the sound of your car.

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