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7 Ways Datacenter Proxies Will Help You Get More Business

Datacenter proxies are intermediary servers that allow you to hide your IP address and ensure your anonymity while covering your surfing on the internet with many distinct IPs that possess different data and have no trace back to you.

The essential part of the datacenter proxies is that they are owned by businesses and have no ties with regular Internet Service Providers. In fact, they work instead of the latter. When you connect to the internet via a proxy, you connect to its servers that forward your requests and return the responses.

None of your target servers or any third parties can know who the real user of a particular IP is when it comes from a data center. Your real identity remains undercover.

This type of proxies is very popular among businesses, especially when they need alternatives to previous solutions such as VPN servers. Let’s take a look at seven ways in how it can help you boost your business.

1. Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity is the first thing that comes to mind when proxies are being discussed. Their main goal is to improve your safety on the internet.

When a company uses proxies, it can ensure that all its attempts to identify potential threats will be secured. They allow browsing the internet without getting noticed. It is convenient when websites that pose certain risks block IP addresses to avoid getting identified.

All this research and preparation for malicious attacks is more efficient with proxies. When you slip by all bans of your IP, you can access any content you want, including one of those who wish to harm.

2. Brand Protection

Improved cybersecurity directly translates into better brand protection. Circumventing IP bans and geo-restrictions allow you to check all available resources to make sure that nobody is using your intellectual property without permission.

Moreover, it allows better access to reviews of your service or product all over the world. With the speed that datacenter proxies provide, you can leave all unauthorized uses of your brand in the past.

Monitoring various potential frauds is not easy, with all restrictions based on geo-locations or IP addresses in general. With proxies, that is not an issue any longer. You can scrape the web and find out about each case of something harmful going on.

3. Advancing Ahead of Your Competitors

Many businesses use proxies to snoop around their competitors. That is very useful if you wish to prepare for the next step in your ad campaigns and the development of new products. You must know what your competitors are doing, what updates they are planning, what prices they are offering in different places.

If you try to find these things out, you will end up being blocked. If you stay too long on their website, they will ensure that you stop lurking there. And if you want to see what they are doing on the market in different countries, you will be left armless with nowhere to go.

Proxies enable accessing all this information without getting identified and, therefore, help you stay away from getting blocked.

4. Market Research

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Gathering data is one of the key activities in a successful online business. If only big brands were engaging in web scraping some time ago, now it is a part of any online marketing.

At the same time, such activities are widely unacceptable on most sites. These kinds of marketing strategies must find solutions for avoiding all those blocks that are being sent their way. Especially when additional scraping tools are at work, and most of the time, they are.

Proxies disable the possibility of counting the number of requests under a singular IP address because you are using plenty of them instead. When you can’t identify an IP address under which too many requests have been sent, there is no way to mark any of it as a suspicious internet user.

It means that you will remain unnoticed in your scraping and avoid any IP blocks. Even if one of your IPs would be blocked, you could use the next one at the same moment, leaving the block irrelevant.

5. Managing Multiple Accounts

If you need a fast tool to manage multiple accounts on social media without exposing yourself to the risk of getting blocked, proxies are what you are looking for. Datacenter proxies are the fastest option that is reliable enough for this task. If you need to fill multiple pages with content, you can do that without getting your accounts suspended or your IP banned.

6. Improving the Speed of Your Business Growth

Datacenter proxies are known as a faster type of proxies compared with residential ones. Proxies, in general, can improve your speed by letting you bypass various restrictions and bans. You don’t need to wait until specific bans are removed. You can remove them by yourself when you connect to the internet through a proxy server. Check Oxylabs for more information.

Moreover, you will reduce the number of CAPTCHAs without getting noticed as doing something suspicious. When you are extracting data in big amounts, you will start struggling with these tests. They will slow your work down. If you are using bots, most of them will not be able to bypass these CAPTCHAs.

With proxies, you can stop worrying about the speed of your work; proxies will avoid most obstacles for you and continue your scraping project without interruptions.

7. Email Protection

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Proxies can help detect malicious attachments or protect leaks by scanning emails from different IP addresses. Cybersecurity companies need to remain undetected if they want to detect what they are looking for. Otherwise, scans coming from the same IP address would indicate security concerns and lead to malicious defense against it.

Summing Up

Datacenter proxy is not expensive yet a quite effective solution for sealing up cybersecurity breaches. It enables your anonymity to extract data at a larger scale, protecting your brand and creating advantages against your competitors, along with uninterrupted work on social media or elsewhere that helps you grow faster.

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