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How Women Can Get More Pleasure Out of Sex – 2024 Guide

Sex is supposed to be about enjoying each other’s company and giving and receiving pleasure. Often women let men take the lead and don’t feel like they are getting everything that they want out of the encounter. During sex, there is a lot going on in the female body that makes women feel satisfied and filled with pleasure. Often finding pleasure is related to the physical and emotional phases that occur during intercourse.

When women think about spicing things up in the bedroom they might assume that they need to practice new positions, try new toys, etc. but this really isn’t the case. Sometimes the best pleasure comes from knowing your body and what you like as well as exploring your body in a deeper, dirtier way.

Below you’ll find some of the ways that women can heighten their pleasure and enjoy more intense orgasms during sexual intercourse.

1. Use Lubrication Whether You Use a Condom or Not

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Lack of pleasure may be due to a lack of lubrication, and often when women aren’t aroused enough, they might need a little lube to find sex more enjoyable. With or without a condom, the use of lubrication can be applied and make the experience even more pleasurable. Often when using condoms women tend to dry up faster and not be lubricated enough for sex. This can also be a problem as a result of your partner having a larger or wider member and this might cause friction and dryness.

Try La Femme like sexenhancers.com all-natural for women as it helps many women to become more lubricated and derive much more pleasure during sex. It is extremely affordable and backed by a money-back guarantee. Just take 2 capsules about an hour or so before engaging in sexual activity. Be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated which also helps the herbs to work better and get you more stimulated. The newest development …YEARS in the making! Our special product for WOMEN! From the unique combination of herbs, this dietary supplement helps you to feel your womanhood in all its glory!

Experience being youthful with an insatiable appetite for passion! Assists for women to lubricate naturally more easily. A heightened sense of arousal.

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As women are typically more complicated than men in this department; In order for you as a woman to get the most out of this product, it is suggested for you to be in a relaxed state with your partner. Make sure that the kids are fed and maybe spending the night at a friend’s house; normal everyday things that bother you are out of the way, so you don’t have to think about them and you can be in a relaxed peaceful state. This product will work best when there are not present stressors.

It is advisable to take 2 capsules with a full glass of water. Some women may need only 1 capsule, but we have found that the best results are achieved when 2 capsules are ingested.

2. Relax

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Stress might result in a tighter pelvic floor, and this might involve you to not relax enough during sex. As a side tip, always exercise your pelvic floor in order to strengthen it by doing kegel exercises, but also this increases bladder control and even helps you have a stronger orgasm. In addition, strengthening these muscles might also allow you to fully relax in this area and be able to have deeper, stronger orgasms.

3. Communication

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There is no reason why communicating with your sexual partner has to be an issue, after all sex is about pleasure and what best way to experience it than to directly tell your partner what you like and don’t like. Often women lack pleasure because they aren’t open and direct with their partners and tell them exactly what they want. Sex is also about you, about feeling comfortable and good and for this reason, communication is key. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner what feels right to you, and by talking about it you might find that sex can be more enjoyable when it is also focused on your pleasure.

4. Give and Take

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Sex is also about reciprocating, make sure you are aware of this and that your partner knows too. You might often spend time pleasuring your partner without receiving the same in return, this might be frustrating for you as a woman. Make sure that if you are willing to please your partner, that they will return the favor.

5. Find Your G-Spot

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Finding the spot that turns you on is the ideal way for you to experience more pleasure during sex. Ask your partner to use these spots during sex and to pleasure you with them. If you haven’t found what your spot is, then don’t give up on the first try and keep on searching for it. This might be the solution to all of your problems as when you finally identify which is your most pleasurable spot you will definitely know what you enjoy more during sex.

6. Foreplay is key

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Communicate with your partner that foreplay is key. This is often what makes women aroused and feeling excited about the act of sex. Some women need foreplay in order to get turned on and this might lead to a more pleasurable experience during intercourse. Tell your partner that going right into sex might not always be the greatest idea, and communicate that foreplay is exciting and stimulating for you. Without mentioning also that it is a known fact that during the first ten minutes of foreplay, the vagina seems to relax and in turn might lead to a more intense clitoral stimulation. To make this act more enjoyable, make foreplay exciting for the both of you. Sometimes playing and flirting prior to getting down can be a great way to build up the sexual tension and provide your private parts with the lubrication it needs to have a memorable session in the bedroom.

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