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How Directional Is a Shotgun Mic?

Bad sound can ruin a project. If the voice of the podcaster is thin and stingy, there is no authority. Singer’s vocal must also be recorded properly otherwise it feels flat. These common scenarios are exactly why it is important to choose the right microphone. The studio shotgun mic is intended for specific high-demand applications in the broadcast, television and film industries where camera shotgun mic is most popular, as well as in professional radio applications and theater.

Definitely the most sought after and best-selling microphone model. Thanks to its large frequency range, high dynamics and good power supply, this mic is very useful even in field conditions. It has excellent tonal characteristics, which is why it is often part of the TV station’s equipment. It is an ideal choice for interviews, sports commentary and filmmaking. Compatible with smartphones, DSLRs, computers, etc. The solid construction neutralizes earthquakes, and the furry wind protection neutralizes unwanted sounds.

Microphone Sensitivity

Sensitivity describes how well a microphone can convert pressure from sound waves into an electronic signal. We are sure you would choose a microphone of higher sensitivity for use in quieter situations. This way you can avoid boosting the gain and possibly adding unwanted noise to your signal. Microphone sensitivity is measured in decibels. The decibel scale is the basis of most microphone specifications and is used to measure the microphone’s input sensitivity and response to certain frequencies.

How Directional Is a Shotgun Mic?

Source: Synco.com


SYNCO Microphones holds its opinion with us that hypercardioid shotgun mic belongs to the category “highly directional microphones”. In order to effectively capture sound, it is aimed directly at the target source. It is in the shape of a shotgun barrel. The difference between it and a typical cardioid or supercardioid microphone is precisely in the direction.

There are several kinds of pickup patterns. When looking for a shotgun mic video, it is important that you fully understand pickup patterns. For example, you may opt for a supercardioid. This is a narrow pattern. Hypercardioid works similarly to Supercardioid. The ultracardioid has the narrowest pickup pattern. It is so directional that even the slightest movement can move it off the axis. Due to its greatest advantage, this type of device has helped many to reach a new level of streaming.

The narrow-lift microphone type is focused exclusively on the sound in front and captures the sound perfectly while eliminating noise from the side. Video and filmmakers make extensive use of the shotgun mic to achieve high quality sound. However, the choice of microphone depends on individual needs. For example, if you want to record sound at a distance, then you will focus on capturing low-level signals. In that case, it is necessary to amplify the low-level sound, because shotgun mic has a more pronounced sensitivity for capturing close sources compared to other devices.


Shotgun mic is mainly categorized into several basic types. These are on-camera, off-camera, and mic for smartphones. Depending on the content you record and the conditions of the space, decide on the type that suits you best. On-camera is known for shoe mount. It is used to mount the lights on the camera and attach the device to the sliding bracket. The great news is that these tubes are very short which means they are invisible in the video frame. We must note that they still have a broader polar pattern. Off-camera is much more focused.

It also has longer interference tubes, as well as numerous phase ports for off-axis sound rejection. It is widely used in video production. However, you must be an experienced operator to operate the device. The reason is too sensitive, because even a small shift can have a very bad effect on the overall quality of the recorded sound. The cell phone shotgun mic is designed exclusively for smartphones. It is characterized by a short tube. It is not overly strict in its work, which means that you will use it easily.

Proper Use of Shotgun Mic

Source: camerasgear.com

Although directional shotgun mic is very durable, you need to be very careful when handling it. For example, pay attention while dropping it. It is also not recommended to expose it to strong blows. The microphone is minimally sensitive to ambient noise. However, camera noise or camera or lens signal sounds may be recorded during recording. To avoid this, simply select the manual focus mode.

Our advice is to avoid prolonged use or storage in very humid places. The microphone may get wet due to heavy rain or if it comes in contact with seawater during outdoor use. It is not dust resistant and therefore the device needs to be well maintained. Always do a test shoot before you start a real shot. This will make sure that the sound is correct.

Appropriate Microphone Setting

To take full advantage of this device, pay attention to its setting. Properly positioned the shotgun microphone will direct the device directly to the sound source. All you need to do is bring it as close to the subject as possible, ie place it directly in front of it. He will reject sounds from the side and back. The ideal position is a few feet above the subject.

In that case, you will get sharper and clearer dialogues, because the noise from the space will be off the axis. The emphasis is exclusively on your voice or the voice of the subject, and noise from the environment is minimized. The shotgun is facing downwards towards the subject from above. Keep the microphone as low as possible, but do not allow it to sink into the frame.

Stable and Non-slip Stand

Source: juicedlink.com

Sufficiently stable stand with rubber feet allows you to stand firmly microphone. Don’t forget to get an adjustable clamp to record smoothly. These clamps also prevent scratches on the device. Find the most flexible clamp that can rotate 360 ​​°. This stand is very easy to install and store.


A quality microphone is an investment that can last a long time and guide you through many projects. However, you need to understand its strengths and weaknesses. We’re sure you won’t regret the shotgun mics. It’s about high power, precise performances that contribute to the crystal clear content. With this microphone model, you will record even the quietest targeted sounds. Irritating background noise is also reduced.

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