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9 Best Attendance Tracking Software Of 2024

To reduce the potential for error and streamline the process, try using web-based attendance monitoring software. Tracking employee attendance can be a complex task, but with the appropriate software, you can easily record work hours, verify timesheets, handle time off requests, and ensure everything is in order for payroll. We will discuss the 9 Best Attendance Tracking Software Of 2024 in this article.

9 Best Attendance Tracking Software

1. Controlio

Controlio’s computer monitoring software is a game-changer for businesses of all sizes, offering a scalable cloud-based solution that enhances workforce productivity and security. With features like live view, screen recording, and comprehensive activity reports, Controlio empowers organizations to monitor employee behavior effectively. Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, this software provides valuable insights into employee productivity. Check the quick comparison table. 

Its flexibility extends to managing office-based, remote, and work-from-home employees, making it a versatile solution for modern work environments. Controlio also excels in security investigations, providing detailed logs of user actions to address cybersecurity challenges. Customer reviews highlight its user-friendly dashboard and responsive customer support, making it a top choice for businesses seeking reliable employee monitoring software. Utilize the software for monitoring remote teams.

2. Connecteam

Source: workforceoptimizer.com

Connecteam is a time clock and attendance tracking app that may be used to keep tabs on employees and their time in the office. It was developed specifically for workers who don’t have regular access to a desktop computer, as the program can be used from any mobile device.

3. Factorial

With its user-friendly attendance monitoring software, Factorial wants to make team administration a breeze. By including language translation, shift trading, and vacation monitoring tools powered by artificial intelligence, it helps firms keep tabs on staff attendance, leave requests, and calendar management.

4. Deel

Businesses with remote workers can benefit from Deel, a global solution for managing staff and independent contractors. It has everything a company needs to grow internationally and manage a large workforce in a global market. From one safe and convenient location, HR, payroll, and new hires can be handled globally.

5. monday.com

Attendance, shared team calendars, employee work hours, project and task management, and more can all be managed with monday.com, a flexible workforce operating system (OS) with a variety of customized dashboards and themes.

6. Replicon

The modules of Replicon’s time and attendance management platformance include global time off, time and gross pay, and a cloud clock, in addition to workforce management. All of your company’s time and attendance monitoring needs will be taken care of by their software, which also makes use of AI to guarantee precise time and payroll administration.

7. ExakTime Time & Attendance

You can keep tabs on the time spent working and the number of hours put in by your field staff with the help of ExakTime Time & Attendance.Over 40 standard reports may be generated with ease, in addition to GPS location tracking and time stamping, employee clock-in maps, photo ID capture, multimedia field notes, break monitoring, injury reporting, expenditure tracking, equipment tracking, and more.

8. ClockShark

Source: forbes.com

For businesses that provide on-the-go services, including gardening, construction, or transportation, ClockShark is a time and attendance system that includes timesheets.

9. QuickBooks Time

You can save money by using QuickBooks Time instead of buying a separate payroll processing system or accounting software, as all three are available through the same interface.


By keeping tabs on staff attendance and creating data, these programs help you keep your workforce productive. Software that records employees’ whereabouts and how long they work can help you optimize their efficiency. Utilize workplace attendance software to increase your productivity.

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