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The Biggest Changes Coming To Windscreen Glass Technology

Windscreen technology did not change much in the last century, but advancements are already seen in the 21st century. For most drivers, so long as the glass is in good shape, they do not pay much attention to it.

They will only get concerned when it has a crack, chip, or it has shattered. With automotive technology advancing rapidly, car owners should understand the different types of windscreens available.

It is also crucial one appreciates the importance of keeping the glass in shape.

Gorilla Windscreen

As the automotive industry gears towards innovation, one of the intriguing technologies is the use of Gorilla glass. Windscreens tend to break from numerous kinds of impacts, and when this happens, a repair or replacement should be done.

This type of glass comes with numerous advantages. You may have seen the same on smartphones as it has become popular due to its durability and weight.

The Benefits of Gorilla Glass

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Sharp stones, pebbles, twigs, and sharp objects cause damage to auto glass. Although it depends on the impact, most cracks and chips come from these things.

They are some of the reasons windscreen repairs and replacements are done. Gorilla glass is tough as it can withstand most of these impacts. A pebble may hit on it, and it will not cause any damage.

Apart from this, the glass is cleared, which enhances comfort while on the road. As if this is not enough, the windshield is lighter and more durable than the traditional ones.

Why is it an advantage when a car windscreen is lighter? The lighter it is, the lighter the car is. The benefit is that even when it comes to fuel consumption, it will be reduced.

The other fascinating characteristic of this windscreen technology is the touchscreen capabilities. Drivers will be able to do so much more with their fingers on the glass.

Smart Car Glass

img source: wardsauto.com

This technology has made a significant difference in the driver’s experience. It is a technology that uses smart glass that was originally used in the construction of buildings.

How does this technology enhance the driving experience? What is more interesting about these auto glasses is that the light amount entering the car can be adjusted.

For example, the light entering is uncomfortable, the driver will press a button to control it. This is a dream come true to many, especially when driving in sunny places. This reduces sun glare significantly for comfortable driving.

The other thing that the driver also enjoys is incremental tint adjustments.

Wiperless Windscreen

img source: thecarmagazine.com

We are all used to cars with wipers. What would life be without these important car parts? During winter or the rainy season, this is quite useful.

When the windshield is blurred, drivers use wipers to acquire clarity. However, the team at Sydney’s MetroAutoGlass have told us that apart from flying stones, faulty wiper blades are the next largest contributor to windscreen glass damage. But with this innovation, this will be a thing of the past.

The idea of having wiperless vehicles on the road is a dream come true to many. Although this is yet to hit the market, it is an excellent idea that is still in development.

The uppermost question to many is how this will be possible in winter. The test has been to repel the rains using ultrasonic sound. This sounds quite fascinating, and it will be too many drivers.

One will never worry that wipers are not working or they have damaged the windshield. The other advantage is that it will also keep debris and moisture away from the glass.

Silver Embedded Glass

An innovation seen from Volkswagen, this auto glass technology is exceptional. It is not the only factor in the driver’s comfort, but also safety.

The main benefit of this glass is that it reflects about 60 percent of sun rays. If you ask most drivers today, when they park their cars in the sun, the insides get extremely hot.

To make the silver embedded glass even more appealing, it is quite practical in winter. When snow sits on the windscreen, it is unsightly, and getting rid of it can be a challenge.

Once the glasses are electrified, the car becomes warm, and snow removal will be easy.

What To Look For In A Car Windscreen

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Having a weak windscreen is a huge mistake as it jeopardizes safety. You also do not want to be going for repairs even with small pebble impacts. How can you identify a reliable windshield?

One of the characteristics to look out for is durability. It is essential as it reduces glass susceptibility to issues. Small debris, pebbles, and will not have an impact on them.

It can be lightweight and still be durable thanks to technology. A light auto glass helps the car be lighter and in turn, reduces fuel consumption. This is a plus as fuel prices have significantly increased in the recent past.

The driver should also enjoy clarity. Getting to see ahead while driving is crucial, and thus, the auto glass must provide this.

When driving, the driver must be comfortable when looking ahead. A good windscreen is designed to offer such comfort.

When it comes to comfort, there is a lot to consider. For example, sun glare inhibits vision, especially when it is reflecting on the glass. Some windscreen technologies are designed in a way that the glare can be reduced. This offers the driver not only


img source: glass.eu

A windscreen must not only be lightweight, but it should also be tough and durable. This will reduce the need for frequent auto glass repair. It is because they minimize the chances of chips, cracks, and shatters.

Windscreen technology advancements have made the driving experience better. Cars perform better, safety, comfort, and efficiency have been enhanced.

There are more developments in this technology, and as time goes by, the innovations will be exceptional.

Besides the wiperless, silver embedded glass, smart, and gorilla glass, there is also a panoramic windshield. This is how innovative the industry has become. This is excellent in terms of view and the natural light in the car.

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