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21 Easiest Beauty Hacks That Will Solve Half Your Girl Problems

Life is tough with all the make-up, hair and skin issues in this world for girls. Don’t depend upon the hair, skincare, etc. appointments, go for these DIYs to solve your problems yourself and spend all that money on partying. 20 is my personal favorite!

1. To keep the embarrassment away.


Put your finger in your mouth and pull it out, all the extra product will come on your finger and there will be no lipstick stains on your teeth throughout the day.

2. Who doesn’t like super-intense dark eye-liner?


Take any pencil liner, hold it under the flame (candle, lighter, matchstick) for one second and let it cool down for fifteen seconds. There you go, your utterly awesome eye-liner is ready.

3. Hide dark circles easily.


Apply concealer diagonally, this will give your eye bags a lift and freshen your eyes up.

4. Use these directions when applying a lip-liner:


Get a perfect “Cupid’s bow shape”.

5. And follow these steps after applying the lip-liner.


And this is how you get perfectly sensual lips.

6. How to wear Mascara.


Sweep the brush towards your nose and not the temples in order to get the best effect.

7. To get seamless waves and a gorgeous hairstyle.


Flat iron your braids and open them up, that gives you the waves you need. Additionally, tie a long braid on one side and flat iron that to make it look neat and tidy. Then, pin it up on to the other side, leave it on one side or do whatever you want with it – you will have the hottest self-made hairstyle around anyway.

8. Before you contour, remember it should look like streaky war paint.


Don’t cover your face with different shades, the beauty is in blending it all up.

9. Nail art couldn’t get any easier than this.


All you need – band aids and two different shades of nail-polish.

10. Or if you want some glitter in your nails, here you go:


A net, acrylic and some glitter is all you need.

11. To remove glitter manicure.


Cut a cotton ball into four quarters and soak them in nail polish remover. Place each quarter on the top of your nail and rap them up with a silver foil. Do that for each nail. After a few minutes, slide these silver caps off and you’ll see the magic.

12. Easy remedy for your cracked soles.


13. Long lasting luscious lips.


Once you’ve put on your favourite lipstick, stick a tissue to your lips and brush a translucent powder over the tissue. You can add more colour to your lips later if you like.

14. You don’t always need an eye-shadow, use a liner instead.


Cross-hatch gel liner onto the lids and smudge it on the sides to make a base for a handsome smokey eye make-up.

14. Make eyeshadow colours stand out.


Apply white eye liner on the entire eye lid before colouring your eye lids with eyeshadows to make them look vibrant.

15. And this is an even easier trick to glamourise your face.


Any description

16. Helpful for me.


Curly hair can be tough to handle and this solves a lot of our “curly hair frizz” issues.

17. It’s said we should use natural shampoo rather than using chemicals in our hair.


How to make a dry shampoo? You needĀ cornstarch, baking powder, cocoa powder (make sure it’s unsweetened), paper funnel, container to store it in and measuring spoons. Just mix 1/4 cup cornstarch, 1 tablespoon baking soda and 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and store that in a container. If you have light hair, you can do without the cocoa powder. Note: Make sure the powder does not look too dark, which means you’ve added too much cocoa.

18. Apply dry shampoo BEFORE you go to bed…


…and not when you’re ready to go out in the morning. You’ll wake up with more volume as the powder will reach all the right places with your tossing and turning at night.

19. Get rid of your split ends yourself.


Twist the ends of locks of your hair and notice the ones sticking out, SNIP them.

20. Two braids and a twist.


This is the easiest and quickest hairstyle you can make for yourself, YOURSELF. All you need – two thin rubber bands and hair pins (if you want to make it look neat). Messy is always a “win-win” situation for every girl with short hair.

21. And this is for every girl and boy who have always wondered how to tie a “turban”.


It can be a cool hairstyle for a change, especially when you’re having a BAD HAIR DAY(s).

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