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Addiction Is An Adaptation, It’s Not You

With the widespread awareness of substance use disorder, people are now undergoing the process of detoxification under the supervision of highly trained medical staff in rehabilitation centers. But it is observed that most of them are unable to keep up with the withdrawal after the process of detoxification. The solution to this problem lies in Residential Detox Programs. However, there are still a large number of people who get cured via detoxification only. The reason behind the different outcomes is that different people are undergoing different types of substance use disorder. People suffering from extreme addictions take more time to get back to a normal lifestyle; therefore, they need another residence-based program.

Multiple rehabilitation centers around the world are offering the facility of Residential Detox Programs, but only a few can stand by their words. Choosing the right center is of great importance. It requires a bit of homework beforehand, But this homework turns out to be the best investment when one gets rid of addiction by making the right choice. However, the Detoxification Center is supposed to be a complete package. It should offer at least the following treatment programs:

  • Drug and Alcohol detox
  • Residential detox
  • Alcohol detox
  • Heroin detox
  • Opiate detox
  • Benzodiazepine detox
  • Drug detox
  • Outpatient Services
  • Holistic Recovery

This is just a guideline for you. The only objective is that you find all the services under one roof and you don’t have to switch from center to center for different services. It is a risky approach as each center is working at a different pace. Therefore, it is better to get to know about the center in detail before.

Residential Detox Programs

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In the residential DETOX program, the client lives within the residence provided by the rehabilitation center. The residence should be close to nature because nature plays a vital role in bringing people back to life. The hygienic environment helps one to keep active and feel good. Therefore, it is important to visit the residential area provided by the rehabilitation center. The number of clients accommodated in the residential part depends upon the size of the area. Different facilities are provided as per the ease of the patient. If a patient likes to live individually, a single room is allotted to him if he wants to share his room with someone, he is allowed to share it.

The charges of individual accommodation are mostly higher than sharing. However, the food served and other co-curricular activities are held in groups irrespective of the fact if you are accommodated individually or in sharing the room. This program has proven a blessing in disguise for many. When one stays with several people for a few months in a healthy environment he develops an association with the place and people. He finds new friends with whom he can share his feelings without being judged. These people had been with him throughout his recovery process. Therefore, their friendship continues even after leaving the center. They help each other to come back to a normal lifestyle and do not fall back into the trap of drugs.

Follow up care

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After undergoing the process of detoxification and residential DETOX program comes the follow-up care. One should keep in mind that each step towards a drug-free lifestyle is equally important. You cannot focus on one step and overlook the other. In follow-up care, multiple directions are provided by the doctors to the clients. Some of the common advice include staying away from the company or the reason that leads them to substance use disorder. The client is requested to keep in touch with the rehabilitation center so that he may remain motivated towards his goal and the chances of slipping reduce.

Several cases on record overlooked follow-up care and end up falling into another or the previous addiction. Treating such patients become a great challenge for the doctors because the normal treatment is not that much effective as it was in the first place. Make sure the rehabilitation center you are choosing for yourself offers effective follow-up care. This follow-up care is the last nail to get rid of addiction. If it is sealed well then WELCOME TO A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, YOUR DREAM LIFESTYLE. It is a common trait that one gets tired at the end of the journey but you should remember that you have come this long you can go beyond.

The Components of the Best Residential Drug Treatment Programs

img source: americanaddictioncenters.org

How to choose the best rehabilitation center is the actual question of every single person who is looking forward to seeking medical help to get back to a normal lifestyle. Several factors add to it. The name of the center says a lot about the rehabilitation center, for instance, AscendantNY Drug and alcohol detox center clearly states what they offer to the clients. Moreover, the website of the rehabilitation center is of great importance. If the center is continuously updating its website it shows that they are fully aware of the upcoming treatments. And they have incorporated these treatments in their running programs.

If the website of the center is dull and not appealing, moreover complete information about treatments and plans is not provided then it leaves a bad impression upon the client. Options on the website like make a call and a live map helps a person to post a query or visit in person. The approval of the company at different national and international levels is of great importance. Reviews of the clients say a lot about the company. Word of mouth is so far the most authentic opinion. When someone you know in person refers you to a certain center you are pretty much satisfied by the performance of the center already. For further details visit multiple centers so that you can decide which center is delivering what they claim. At some centers, you can meet the clients and have their point of view as well.

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