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6 Cool TikTok Tricks and Settings You Are Not Using

Do you love making videos on TikTok to engage with the audience? If yes, then this post can be really helpful for you. Creating engaging content for people can be a challenging task especially if you are a beginner user on the TikTok platform. But when you have the right knowledge, nothing is impossible. This article is all about various tips and tricks that can help you to level up your TikTok game.

There are several video-making applications available online but out of all of them, TikTok has gained most of popularity in recent years. If you are new to this app, then you will find a lot of competition when you actually open and have a look at it. So, how can you beat those competitors and stand out from them? Well, this can happen when you study and implement the below-given tricks and settings.

TikTok is considered as a very powerful platform especially because it has been giving tough competition to another famous video site and i.e. YouTube. Many YouTubers have been joining this video-making application just to watch the content created by its users. If you are also looking forward to enjoying this app, then consider checking out qload.info.

Cool Tips and Tricks for Tiktok Users

1. Adding audio to your videos: 

When you open the application, you will find a sound option appearing on the top of the screen. You can go to the sound tab and choose the music that you love. Remember that the portion of the song that you select for your videos must justify the content you have created. Apart from this, you can also add some sound effects for creating more engaging videos.

At present, with the application you only have the choice to add one song to each video. But you always have the choice to edit it by using other editing apps available online. After the editing part is done on some other platform, you can upload it to TikTok. 

2. Hiding your liked content:

When people visit your profile, they are also able to view the content that you have already liked from your account. Some users are comfortable with this whereas many content creators like to maintain their privacy. So, if you don’t want others to see your liked videos, then it would be better for you to hide it but how can you achieve this? Well, this is indeed very simple to do.

All you have to do is to visit the settings of the app and then go to the privacy tab. In this privacy tab, anyone can manage their profile and who can see their liked content. Click on the “only me” option if you want to hide your liked videos. This is a cool trick for people who want to maintain their privacy and don’t want other users to hinder it. 

Source: Pinterest.com

3. Try to work with the texts: 

To create engaging content, it is essential that you convey your message to the audience in the most efficient manner. One of the best methods to achieve this is by using the texts in your videos. When you visit the TikTok app, you will find the text tab appearing on the bottom of the screen. Use this text button to convey meaningful messages using different colors, font and size to make it even more attractive.

If you have been using the fonts available on Instagram, then this might not create any difficulty for you because both of them are quite similar. Therefore, it is a great way to level up your game in TikTok videos. This trick can be really helpful when you are creating content for people belonging to different countries and knows different languages.

Source: premiumbeat.com

4. Changing the language of your content:

Another most fantastic trick to level up your game on TikTok is by changing the language in which you want your content to appear on the application. This personalization or customization will help you to engage with a wider range of audience belonging to different parts of the world.

Visit your profile and then click on the 3-dot button and then choose the content preference tab that appears on the screen. Now click on the add languages tab and pick the language in which you want your content to be displayed. 

Source: fossbytes.com

5. Add effects to make your videos shine:

Do you know that adding effects to your videos can make them shine like never before? If you haven’t seen this yet, then you might not miss to check out this option. There are two ways to apply the effects on your videos and that are- after and before recording the videos. Once you are done with creating your content video you can apply various effects on it such as speeding it up, filters, reversing it, etc. This will make your content appear even more attractive to the audience.

In case, you want to use these effects while you are recording the content, then click on the wink face appearing next to the record button on the screen. By doing this, you will come across several effects to select from but you can only select one out of them at a time. In simple terms, it means that no doubt you can choose different effects for your entire video but you cannot apply any two of them simultaneously. 

Source: Pinterest.com

6. Adding others content to your favorites: 

Sometimes you come across videos that you like and you think of creating content similar to it. So, in that case it would be better for you to add those videos to your favorites so that you don’t really forget about it. Bookmarking is a great option for content creators who follow the trends and love making videos on such trendy topics.

To Sum Up

Whether you are an experienced or a beginner user of the TikTop application, you cannot miss to apply the tricks mentioned above in your videos. These tips and tricks will help you to engage with more people and level up your TikTok game.

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