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26 Photos That Captured Ghosts By Mistake And They Will Not Let You Sleep Tonight

These photos were just some pictures taken by family and friends until the snaps came out and they noticed something creepy in them. Be it a smoky figure or a face or an arm coming out from somewhere, these photographs are by far the creepiest I’ve come across. I had heard you can capture ghostly figures on camera and now, I’ve seen the proof. It’s unbelievable and I hope they aren’t real.

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, England.

Abandoned Hospital. Waverly Hills, Kentucky.

Deceased mother’s spirit playing with her child.

There’s someone lying on the bed. Worley B&B; Inn in Dahlonega, Georgia,1999.

Photo taken during the Ametyville investigation. Look closely.

Mother caught this image when visiting her dead daughters grave in Florida 1973, She doesn’t recognise the baby here

Photographer Neil was taking pictures around a farm in England.He couldnt believe his eyes when he devolped the photo

Ghost of Curtis Johnston

Electric chair ghost sighting

Freakish face with strange eyes

There’s ghost grabbing one of them by the arm.

Ghost in the Class Room

Ghostly face Captured in a haunted house, Louisiana, US

Ghost in the back seat of the car, Photo taken in 1959.

Ghost hiding

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