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Advantages of Acquiring a US Immigrant Visa – 2024 Guide

Before you can get a U.S. visa, you have to go through a quite complicated, lengthy procedure. You have to prepare a lot of documents, review for your interview, and a whole lot of things. Not only that, but you will also spend a considerable amount of money.

You may think, “Should I still get a visa?”, the answer is yes! Even though the procedure can be lengthy, it is worth it! There are many advantages when you acquire a visa, and sites that talk about them are available for you, click here if you want to know more.

You are eligible for a Green Card

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This first advantage may seem obvious, but if you are an immigrant visa holder, you can get a green card. If your goal is to work and reside in the United States permanently, get an immigrant visa. Obtaining an immigrant visa is an essential key to that goal.

You can choose from a vast number of immigrant visas available for you on passportsandvisas.com, whether it’s an employment-based or family-based visa—research about these visas for you to know what fits you the best.

You can petition for your immediate family

If you are an immigrant visa holder and eventually acquired the green card, you can petition for your immediate family. You can still achieve your goals while being with your family. You don’t have to say goodbye; they can always be by your side while you are honing your skills.

You can easily petition your immediate family, including your unmarried children, your parents, or your spouse. If you want to petition for a distant relative, you still can under the Preferred Family category.

Traveling in and out the United States is easier

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If you are a person who loves to travel to different countries to experience different cultures, having an immigrant visa will help you make it easier. Your work in the U.S. may require you to visit different countries, so even though you don’t like to travel for leisure, you still won’t have to worry.

Immigration services are lawfully required to grant access to people who are permanent residents of the country. However, immigration service may revoke your green card if you stayed out of the country for too long.

More career opportunities for you and your family

Having an immigrant visa and gaining a permanent citizenship status in the United States means more career opportunities. Unlike temporary visas, if you eventually become a U.S. citizen, you can choose which career opportunity is perfect for you.

The same goes for your spouse or your children. They are allowed to work in the United States as they are permanent residents of the country. This advantage is not possible for non-immigrant types of visas. If everyone in your family is very career-oriented, this advantage is very beneficial.

University costs less

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If you plan to further pursue your education, having an immigrant visa and eventually permanent citizenship will help you save more money. The cost of studying in the United States as a permanent resident will cost you less. Studying again or providing quality education for your children is made possible with this advantage.

Not only will it cost you less money, but you can also apply for financial aids. You are a resident of the U.S.; you are entitled to receive help from the government. It will help you further diminish or eliminate the cost of tuition.

You can join political campaigns

If you are a politically involved person, you can express your support to a specific cause or a politician who shares the same values. Expressing your opinions and participating in political campaigns are ways for your voice to be heard.

While voting is only for a natural-born American citizen, you can still be involved by funding any amount to your favored political party. Being involved in politics and knowing your rights as a citizen will help you better understand the things you are entitled to.

You are eligible to receive government assistance

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Because you are a permanent resident, you can enjoy the benefits provided by the government. Social security benefits are mainly funded through taxes. You are contributing by paying your taxes through your monthly payroll.

Benefits range from food to medical care assistance. If you have been working in the United States for ten years and are lawfully considered a permanent resident, you can receive retirement benefits.

Lesser hassle in handling documents

If you are an immigrant visa holder, aside from having tons of significant benefits, handling paperwork is significantly less than non-immigrant. Of course, the procedure of becoming a permanent resident is lengthy than residing for a short period. Still, if you plan to stay longer once your temporary visa expires, you have to process different paperwork to extend your stay in the U.S.

Once you’re residing permanently in the U.S. and you are a green card holder, you only have to renew that every ten years. You won’t need to worry about that every year. You won’t need to go through a lengthy procedure and spend a lot of money to stay in the United States again.

The advantages listed above are just a few of the many other benefits you can get from acquiring an immigrant visa. Now that you know those benefits, we hope that the tiny voice in your head that makes you doubt whether to apply for a visa or not is gone. The process can be lengthy, but it is always worth it.

Just like what other people say, nothing good comes easy. We always have to put in work to achieve our goals in life. Filing a petition, preparing needed documents, and reviewing for an interview is just a few steps to attain our dreams.

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