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Rainwater and all its Advantages

Rainfall is a natural process. Abundant water lands on the face of the earth every year naturally. It is a wise decision to use this blessing of nature wisely. Some companies have started using this water for bottled water. The results of this water on the body are splendid. The reason is that rainwater is alkaline. The core secret lies in gathering the water before it touches the ground. Some companies achieve this goal successfully while others gather water from springs. Rainwater is prioritized over spring water because it is less exposed to nature and land in particular; therefore, it is purer.

A few companies are delivering the product in the market in its true essence. While others are just claiming to do so but in actuality, they are serving normal tap water or spring water. Regular users of alkaline water can identify the fake product by its taste. The reason is that no artificial flavor can compete with the flavor provided naturally. Some companies are always looking to fill the room for improvement. They add natural minerals in the natural water through different means, combining Himalayan pink salt with rainwater is one of the best combinations so far. This salt is rich in traces of minerals obtained naturally. If our body consumes more natural products, then it can go well in the long run. Benefits achieved from natural products cannot be obtained from artificial or too many processed items. Please visit DrinkHeartWater for further details.

Benefits of Rainwater

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  • The rainwater is found in abundance naturally.
  • It is alkaline.
  • The pH level is around 8 or 9 in most cases.
  • It is found on every corner of the globe.
  • It is the least contaminated natural water.
  • It needs less purification.
  • It helps as an anti-aging material.
  • It saves from several diseases.
  • It increases the immunity of the system.

There are little to no side effects of alkaline water attained naturally. However, acidic water is bad for human health. The pH level of acidic water is below 7, whereas; tap water comes with a neutral pH level of 7. The success of alkaline water companies depends upon their mainstream staff. The staff comes up with a successful harvest process to purify rainwater. The qualification and experience of the staff form a successful team. This team as a result produces an excellent product. For the sake of transparency details of the staff are given on the website. The picture, designation, and names are mentioned on the main screen.

  • Best Alkaline Water Company
  • If you are looking for the best alkaline water company, please consider the following points:
  • The company is recognized, nationally, internationally, or at the federal level
  • The company is registered and claims copyright
  • The company is featured on press
  • The process of purification is mentioned on the website with a bit of detail.
  • The company is linked to social media accounts.
  • The company has a good repute in the market.
  • The product is sold online.
  • The company has multiple outlets.
  • The company mentions its registered retailers.
  • The company is working for some good cause like fundraising.
  • Highly experienced staff
  • Less processed product
  • The naturally enriched mineral product

The above points are just an outline of the successful companies. The points may differ from time to time depending upon the product and region.

Purity and Taste

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One of the approaches to collect rainwater includes capturing rainwater through gravity. Initially, 2% of the rain, in the beginning, is allowed to reach the ground. The rest of the 98% is collected. Rainwater is monitored for optimal clarity and pH; this rainwater is captured in tanks. The tanks then circulate water. The circulation is done to prevent impurities and promotes natural sedimentation. In the tanks, a 25-point micro-filtration process is conducted. Ozone particles infused in rainwater carbon filtration are used to remove them. Nano-filtration removes any mineral solids and harmful bacteria. The reverse osmosis process is avoided. However, the reverse osmosis process used to waste 75% water in the past. The filtered water is transferred to bottles. At this stage, ozone treatment is done for final disinfection. This avoids exposure to residual chemicals and the chlorinated disinfection process.

Purity and taste are hard to achieve at the same time because the process of purity usually affects the taste of the product in the long run. But some companies can stand by their words due to their exceptional team. The companies that are working for a good cause are more famous in the market. It means they are known to local people and needy people as well. They just spread by; the word of mouth. Such companies do not require any advertisement service. They spend a share of their profit to benefit people who can give them nothing in return.

Experience the difference

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The packaging of the product says a lot about its quality. When the product comes in an out of the box material it attracts the customers uniquely. Everyone is used to a plastic bottle. Therefore, it has lost its charm. Sipping water coming out from an aluminum bottle drives a person to another world. When the consumer is well aware of the achievement of the company; he develops a sense of trust in the alkaline water company. The drinking product becomes even healthier when the least chemicals are added to it. The facility of different outlets across the globe makes a product more favorite to the customers. Free delivery from the company also adds a feeling of joy to the customers. It is the human psyche that tends to gain a discount upon everything. And to cash the opportunity, the customers are usually offered crates of bottles with a little bit of discount. People can share their experiences in the comment section. They can tag the company of the product on any social media platform.

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