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24 Last Photos of People Who Couldn’t Ever Be Clicked Again

This list includes Adolf Hitler’s last photo. Imagine what you’d do if you knew this one photo will be your last photo for life, these people didn’t know that and that’s why these photographs are legendary and they send shivers down your spine at the same time. I wish we’d all know before our last click that it’s our last for life, that would be just perfect.

Jim Morrison of The Doors

Adolf Hitler in 1945

In 1970, Keith Sapsford fell to his death from a Japan-bound DC-8 as it took off

Freddie Mercury on his lawn

Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto before he was shot down during Operation Vengeance

Leonard Siffleet, an Australian serviceman about to beheaded by a member of the Japanese Navy, 1943

Vietnamese women and children about to be killed by American troops. 1968

Vladimir Lenin’s piercing stare while in a wheelchair

Hani Hanjour and Majed Moqed caught on ATM surveillance camera about a week before 9/11

Keith Moon of The Who

Inejiro Asanuma about to be stabbed by a katana by his assassin

Philip Seymour Hoffman passed out on an airplane, Jan. 30, 2014

Amy Winehouse at what would be her last concert

Last known photo of Chris Benoit

Ayrton Senna before the race that killed him in 1994

An unknown woman jumping off a bridge in China

Paul Walker next to the Porsche that would kill him

The execution of Hungarian Fascist Ferenc Szálasi in 1946

Brian Jones hanging out with the band

Robert Overacker’s parachute failed to open as he plunged into Niagara Falls in 1995

Wing walker Jane Wicker’s last wave to the crowd before the plane crashed into the ground

Andrew McKenzie, shortly before his execution by firing squad in Angola. 1976.

Chris Farley’s last photo

Victor Hugo on his deathbed

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