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32 Epic Cake Disasters in The History of Baking

These people are just not meant to bake and you bet they’ve learned their lesson. These cakes are just beyond horrible and will make you ‘laugh out loud’!

Is that what I think it is?


There are too many things wrong here


Enough to give you the creeps


The Easter bunny of your nightmares

It was supposed to have a “cap” on it


Is that supposed to be a blanket?


Nailed it!


It had so much potential!




LOL, they brought in a flash drive with the picture on it and this happened


OMG proposal fail


Soupy Cake


This is awkward for Heather.


Is that supposed to be a bird or a person?


This one is actually a win


If this isn’t terrifying, I don’t know what is


I’m sure it tastes good, but yuck


Did they not think this through?


Now Wes Can All Do The Misspellings Cuz No Teachers LOL.




Poor Nancy




This one is a classic


That’s a weird thing to write ;)


My favorite time of the year


At least they tried


In the proverbial sense

Must be an avid gardener

I think they wanted sprinkles

A subtle hidden message


Nailed it.


We don’t want them getting to cocky


So life like

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