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14 Most Adorable Yet Irritating Things Couples Do

We all know couples can be embarrassing and irritating at times. Although we love our “couple-y” friends, we have gotten irritated or embarrassed by them at some point in our lives and at least five of these points explain perfectly why you got pissed off in that moment.

1. Coordinate

Whereas it’s difficult to wear nice combinations in clothes for individuals, couples have this undying fascination of matching their clothes. However, it’s always a “coincidence”.

2. “Besties” forever

As soon as your best friend starts dating, he/she has a new BFF in town, which is his/her newest better half. They come together, leave together and of course, SLEEP TOGETHER. There are no two ways about that. They are a new ‘team’ since they spend ten hours in a day with each other. Hence, they know each other inside out. Who’re you?

3. “End of the world” act

Every big fight seems like “there’s no tomorrow” for them and it’s worse when they come out to party individually and are showered with hurtful questions. More often than not, they break into tears and it scares the hell out of you.

4. And saying “meaning-less” things is their THING

This one is awesomely crazy – making the most embarrassing, rude, hurtful statements in front (or not) in front of people when they’re drunk. Result – one of them acts like a stalker the next day forcing the other partner not to break up.

5. Video chat anywhere and EVERYWHERE

Out of the 24*7 dating schedule, if they get a chance to spend some time apart for some reason or the other, they choose to still spend ALL THAT TIME together. “Baby, look I’m also partying and I miss you like crazy.”

6. Nickname alert

They have adorable nicknames for each other but it gets confusing when they use them when nobody around has any idea what they are talking about.

7. Oversharing about the relationship

Seriously. WHY? Your relationship, your sexual life and your partner, what makes it important enough to share this information with the world for crying out loud?

8. Sharing is caring (and privacy is crime?)

… even when it comes to PASSWORDS to anything – email, Facebook, laptop and any other possible thing that needs a password in this whole wide world. Q. “Who is that girl you were (casual and not flirt) chatting with yesterday?” Ans. “Why were you analyzing my Facebook chat at all? How’s that fair woman?”

9. Public Display of Affection

They express LOVE, more in public than private. It’s a little embarrassing, to be honest.

10. Public scene disasters

Party, restaurant, road, club – there’s always a chance of one of them bursting out with anger and going through it without realizing there are a hundred eyes on them. Fine, your boyfriend cheated on you. Go home and slap him for all we care about. But first, GO HOME.

11. Stating the obvious and embarrassing each other

“Yes. Maybe you’re not lovable anymore but please don’t ask me! I can’t say yes, it’s rude.” But treating that partner like crap is NOT RUDE.

12. Spoon feeding each other

Although they’re grown up enough, it’s difficult for them to eat by themselves. I fail to understand WHY.

13. Asking for relationship advice that leaves you in a spot

They’ll discuss each and every detail about their relationship with their friends who have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. But still, they’ll open up hoping it will (somehow) help them. Learn more from AskApril for some valuable tips and advice on relationship goals that guarantee long-lasting love.

14. And giving FREE relationship advice

They think they are Mr. and Miss. Know-it-all, especially when it comes to “relationship issues”. However, it’s not too cool when they are facing the exact same issues.

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