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Bulk Wholesale Rose Flowers for Every Occasion

Roses are universal flowers because they fit any holiday and are liked by the vast majority of people. They are perfect for decoration, they look incredibly beautiful in bouquets, and they can be used to decorate photo zones and arches and to realize fantastic ideas with their help. Florists, designers, and flower shops buy wholesale roses, and this allows them to choose the best varieties and colors at very affordable prices. However, few people know that anyone can buy roses in bulk, and for this, it is not necessary to have a flower business: any festive occasion is enough to order fresh fragrant roses at the Fifty Flowers store.

Wholesale Roses: Why should you know about this opportunity?

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People think that only large flower companies and decorators use the opportunity to buy roses in bulk wholesale. In fact, you can order bulk flower deliveries directly, too. For example, various greens for decoration and flowers in the Fifty Flowers catalog are products that the company receives from the best gardens, where plants are grown following all technologies and rules. Therefore, a direct supply of fresh products in large volumes is available to everyone.

This is a good solution when you are going to organize a fancy party for any occasion:

  • Wedding or engagement;
  • Birthday celebration;
  • Corporate parties;
  • Commemorative dates, etc.

Each customer can choose different varieties and shades, creating interesting compositions and realizing chic ideas for decor. You can choose strict tall stems or cute bushy garden roses, prefer classic colors: red, white, pink, or choose delicate yellow, passionate crimson, or sensitive peach.

In addition to the fact that bulk roses are a profitable solution that helps significantly save your budget, it is also incredibly convenient. By ordering fresh roses in bulk, you will receive them at the specified time with delivery to the desired address. That is, to get many beautiful flowers, you do not even need to leave the house:

  • Orders can be placed online;
  • You can also pay for the purchase of decorative greenery and flowers online;
  • Elegant fresh flowers are delivered to your doorstep.

In this way, you can order both popular varieties of flowers, as well as exotic and exquisite types that are very difficult to order elsewhere. The Fifty Flowers catalog offers many popular and original varieties. There are flowers with high stems, bushy varieties, strict and elegant buds, fluffy and delicate — your decor or gift will be exactly the one that will reach the heart of the addressee.

By the way, do you know about the language of flowers and how to choose roses for different occasions?

Roses assortment for different holidays

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There are so many reasons to give a big bouquet or throw a fancy party where you decorate the whole location with flowers! Interestingly, each occasion is accompanied by its own rules and recommendations. Follow them, and then your holiday will be unforgettable.

  • First date. A win-win option for a first date is a classic red rose on a tall stem. However, if you know for sure that the girl likes lilies or daisies, then it is better to give them. This way, you will emphasize that you listen carefully to her and value her preferences.
  • Engagements, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other holidays for couples in love are also an occasion for red or pink roses. Orange varieties with reddish petal tips are also suitable for such occasions. Such flowers symbolize warmth and joy and demonstrate affection and sincerity in relationships.
  • An anniversary or a birthday is also a good occasion to give flowers. In this case, florists advise giving soft colors (pink, peach, orange) for spring and winter birthdays, and giving bright ones (golden or red) to those who celebrate their birthdays in summer or autumn.

By the way, many people choose flowers for friends, acquaintances, or loved ones when they want to say: “get well soon”. In this case, it is advisable to choose exactly those flowers that the addressee really likes. The bouquets shouldn’t be too fragrant in this case, especially if you are sending them to a person who is in the hospital.

What does the color of the flowers you give symbolize?

Source: goodfon.com

Roses are an international language in which each color and shade has its meaning and symbolism. Everyone knows that red roses speak of passion and love, but what about other shades?


Pastel tones, among which there is a delicate pink color, personify delight and emphasize elegance. They symbolize gratitude and sophistication. In fact, it is a universal bouquet that can be presented not only to loved ones but also to colleagues or friends for any occasion. If you doubt what color bouquet to choose, choose pink — and you won’t go wrong.

Yellow or golden

There is an opinion that the yellow color speaks of separation, but this is not so. Yellow is traditionally considered the color of warmth and friendship, and this shade is perceived as a wish for prosperity and well-being. Therefore, it is desirable to give golden roses to business partners, colleagues, and friends.

Orange or orange-pink

If you want to make the perfect housewarming gift, give an orange or peach bouquet, because it symbolizes enthusiasm, cheerfulness, charm, and coziness.

White is the color of purity and good health

White roses are often used in wedding decor, in the bride’s bouquets, but also a white bouquet is a good wish for a speedy recovery.

Your bouquet does not necessarily have to be in one color. You can create any combinations, add decorative greenery to flower arrangements, experiment, and combine different varieties and types of flowers. This will help you to best convey your feelings and match the occasion.

Don’t know what flowers to give or choose for a party that will take place soon? Visit the Fifty Flowers catalog to find exquisite and exclusive varieties of roses and other flowers. With such an assortment, you will definitely be able to say everything about your feelings even without words!

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