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Answered: 8 Common Questions of First Time Gym Members

If you’re preparing for your first visit to the gym, you’re probably experiencing excitement along with a bit of apprehension. It’s great working towards fitness goals, but it can be intimidating doing it in front of other people.

We’ve got you covered! To make your visit to a gym Moore Park based or anywhere else in Sydney a bit less daunting, browse our answers to common questions, asked by people just like you!

Does Membership Give Access to All Facilities and Services?

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Most gyms offer a variety of services and the equipment to enjoy a range of exercise types. However, the privilege of using these resources all depend on your membership. There are usually different packages, each with its own price tag and list of included benefits.

For example, you may be able to use gym equipment, but you’ll have to pay extra if you want to join fitness classes or get the input from a personal trainer. Ask the staff about options and commit to a membership that aligns with your fitness goals and the activities you enjoy doing the most.

Do Gyms Have Special Offers?

Of course, you want good value for money! And perhaps you’re not quite certain yet what you want from the long list of gym services. That’s when a gym with a free trial period comes in handy!

You should also ask about special offers throughout the year. Perhaps you can have one free visit to a group class to see if you want to commit to weekly sessions.

Can I Have Gym Access at Any Time, 7 Days a Week?

Gyms vary in their business hours, so always check their policies. Some may only be open on weekdays and Saturdays. Pick one that will be open at the times you prefer exercising.

Also, most of them have specific guidelines on public holidays, so always ask for your gym’s schedule. Don’t arrive, ready for action, but find the doors locked.

How Often Should I Go to Gym?

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Your ideal exercise schedule is closely tied to your fitness goals, so each person’s is unique. At the start, try and commit to two sessions a week, as this is appropriate for improving fitness and even for those starting to exercise as part of recovery.

Over time you can increase to four a week or even daily sessions.

How Long Should I Exercise at the Gym?

Experts suggest adults should work out between 75 and 300 minutes a week. You can make this work for your personal schedule by doing short, 10- or 20-minute workouts every day, or having longer sessions, fewer times a week.

If you haven’t seen the inside of a gym in a while, do start out slow! Your first workouts shouldn’t be long or too intense, otherwise you may hurt yourself. Also, experiencing the immense fatigue may end up discouraging you from returning for another session. Rather pace yourself and let the enjoyment of an adrenaline rush keep you motivated to return for more.

What Do I Wear to a Gym Session?

Firstly, make sure your clothes are comfortable and allow easy movement of your entire body. Also look for lightweight, moisture-wicking options when comparing outfits and fabrics.

In terms of shoes, there are certain designs that work for multiple types of exercises. However, if you plan on focusing on a specific activity such as weightlifting or cardio, look for shoes designed for those sports. They will give the appropriate support and comfort.

Most gyms don’t have very strict rules about what you’re allowed to wear but ask about the rules. For example, they may not allow men to exercise shirtless.

What Should I Expect from the First Gym Session?

There are ways to make the first visit feel less awkward, such as going at a quiet time of the day, so you won’t feel many people are gawking at you. Or perhaps you’ll enjoy starting out with a group class?

It’s vital you use equipment for its intended purpose, so ask staff if you’re not sure how. A reputable gym will have friendly team members who will be happy to guide you on this new adventure.

What is Gym Etiquette?

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Also, on your first visit you’ll notice certain rules most members follow while in the gym. Incorporate this etiquette into your habits while exercising and you won’t run into any issues with staff or other members. For example:

  • Don’t be late for classes
  • Keep it clean: wipe down machines when you’re done and dry up a spill if your water bottle fell over
  • Respect others’ space
  • Don’t talk loud on your phone
  • Play music via headphones, not your smartphone speaker
  • Only give others advice if they ask for it

Final Thoughts

Investing in your physical health could be one of the best decisions you ever make. Don’t let the uncertainty of the new world inside the gym put you off, as it can impact your wellbeing for the rest of your life!

And if you have more questions apart from the ones above, please share in the comments section.

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