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Best Cable TV Service Providers for Family

Getting entertainment has never been easier these days. It has become extremely simple with online gaming, streaming services, and social media being so dynamic. Notwithstanding, the main source would consistently be TV, and keeping in mind that you can get to it through various mediums including streaming services, we as a whole realize that digital TV is the way to go.

Cutting the cord is still a choice, but in case you are resolute about keeping your amusement alive through traditional cable TV, knowing the best cable TV service providers is a must-know. This article is composed to furnish you with well-researched data about all the top cable TV providers across the US, so you may make an informed decision regarding which provider to select to fulfill your entertainment needs.

Prior to starting with the rundown, you should know the benefits that are fairly significant while picking a cable TV provider:

  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Broad channel lineup with the greater part of the significant networks present in the base package
  • Adequate DVR limit
  • The simplicity of no agreement

All the names below are some of the best providers in the US.

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DISH is an incredible cable TV provider for families and children. It locks your cost for a time of two years, which implies that you won’t need to experience any cost increment. It further permits you to take advantage of Hopper 3 DVR, giving a much more stockpiling limit, at a month-to-month pace of 15 USD. Also, you can record 16 streams simultaneously. In case you belong to a large family and have different TVs, you can utilize DISH Joey at an ostensible price of 5 USD to 10 USD a month. For youngsters, DISH brings every one of the significant stations including Nickelodeon and Disney. Its parental controls are incredible and brimming with control.


Spectrum is quite possibly the most well-known cable TV and internet provider due to its no contract and agreement buyout strategy. This implies that you can leave your provider anytime without having the fear of paying hefty early termination fees, assuming you are not happy with its services. Such an advantage! Another extraordinary thing is that with Spectrum, you can bundle up the telephone, internet, and cable TV service that suits you and save you from large monthly bills. Each plan of Spectrum adds value and with regards to DVR; it offers two choices – a customary box DVR that gives 90 hours of recording at 17.98 USD and a Cloud-based DVR that gives 180 hours of recording at similar pricing of 17.98 USD.


Optimum Altice offers an agreement buyout strategy of up to 500 USD and doesn’t tie you in any kind of contractual obligation too, making its arrangements totally overpowering. It has one of the most extensive channel counts, which implies you can appreciate more. Ideal DVR administration would cost you 20 USD for 75 hours of capacity limit. One thing that may mess with you is that it doesn’t offer any independent TV plan and might have to opt for a double play or triple play plan. In any case, bundling up plans makes it more reasonable and advantageous so it isn’t so terrible. One thing that might come off as somewhat of a problem is the restricted accessibility of Optimum – as it is just accessible in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey (Long Island, Westchester, Brooklyn, and the Bronx).

Img source: pexels.com


Xfinity has something for everybody. It offers an extremely budgeted plan at 30 USD plan too that includes a sum of 10 channels. Thusly, assuming that you are somebody with extremely restricted interests, you can partake in its Choice TV plan. It has a huge channel lineup with the consideration of HD programming; it has turned into every viewer’s decision. Xfinity likewise offers a voice-controlled remote control that is incredibly convenient to use.


Cox offers restricted TV plans only – its TV starter bundle allows you to watch 75 channels at 25 USD and the Contour TV bundle lets you watch in excess of 140 channels at 69.99 USD. You may bundle up to benefit from monthly savings along with getting high-quality services. Cox offers two sorts of DVR options – Contour Record 6 that gives 250 capacity hours and six synchronous streams at 19.99 USD each month and Contour Record 24 that gives 1,000 capacity hours and 24 concurrent streams at 29.99 USD each month.


RCN gives one of the least expensive independent cable plans to permit you to appreciate diversion at a severe financial plan. It offers a no-contract choice and incorporates all significant station networks of all sorts including ESPN, Fox, MTV, HSN, QVN, Animal Planet, HGTV, Hallmark, Comedy Central, and Investigation Discovery. Its TV bundles further allow you to get to RCN2go through which you can watch live cable TV channels. In spite of the fact that channels like HBO Max, Showtime, and Cinemax are excluded from the plans, you can in any case add them by paying a little membership charge.

Img source: pexels.com


SuddenLink is very like Optimum in its functioning patterns, which implies that assuming Optimum isn’t accessible in your space, you can look at SuddenLink. It covers very nearly 20 states, offers 500 USD contract buyouts, and has a no-contract strategy. Once more, it is a win-win situation! A few bundles permit you to lock the cost forever and the 30-day unconditional money-back offer is the decisive factor. Like Optimum, SuddenLink doesn’t offer any independent TV bundle either.

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