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Are Online Slots Always Random?

Online slots are the most played games in online casinos. Its ever-changing results, jackpots, and bonuses bring plenty of thrills to all players alike. Because of this, players are adamant on playing for a long time to get a winning combination. Sometimes, luck plays a big role. Here’s a question for players: Are online slots random?

The answer varies depending on the game you play. Each game has different reels and spins, and you play against the casino’s house edge. Even if you do win a game, the house always wins. Here, we will discuss how online slots work.

Are Online Slots Rigged or Random?

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Online slots are always random. They rely on a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure no patterns in each game will form. The RNG can generate various numbers or icons by the second. It will operate as soon as a player clicks the spin button.

For example, an online slots ph game only needs a bet, a spin, and an outcome. However, the outcome varies depending on the set rules. You can read the game’s rules, including the paytable.

Do Online Slots Remember The Outcomes?

It is a common belief that players think that online slots know the results. However, it is untrue. All slots, including online slots, have no memory of the game’s outcome. The only way to verify the outcome is by photographing the result. Even then, only the online casino can track the potential winnings. Remember, the casino has the final say.

Online slots rely on the RNG’s algorithm, which is always random. Here’s what the RNG does:

  • It selects a  winning or losing combination among millions of combinations
  • All spins are independent of each other
  • Each spin is always brand new
  • Using only two outcomes: win and lose

Due to this, some slot games may appear to show one icon away from a win. Keep in mind that slot games do not work cyclically.

Can A Slot Game Remember Your Winnings?

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No, all slot games do not remember your winnings. However, the online casino will know them. The casino is responsible for keeping track of the results to ensure transparency. Sometimes, they also keep it for tax purposes. It protects the player from any fraud.

Casinos always track the results to know how they can benefit from it. Here is another example: hitting the jackpot three times raises concerns. If the online casino did not investigate, there would be a likelihood that the games are rigged. Moreover, slots do not track player activity. The only thing that slots determine the outcome is the RNG.

Therefore, slots will not remember the winnings you earned.

Do Online Slots Know Your Playing History?

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Contrary to popular belief, online slots do not remember your playing history. Any past results do not affect your future outcomes. If you did win big on one game, the slot game will not remember the result. Instead, all results rely on the RNG. Whether you win or lose, previous results of a slot game are not determined by its memory.

Wrapping Up

Online slots are a random game for all outcomes. It only has two results: win and lose. It relies on an RNG to get the outcome as soon as possible to ensure its randomness. The slot game will also not remember the outcome, but the online casino should keep track. That way, you can ensure transparency on both sides of the entertainment platform.

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