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Do Pranks or Be Pranked – Some Tips

April Fool’s Day is one of the best times of the year, as it allows us to get really nasty and justify it. The question is: what kinds of pranks are the best? Today, what you will read at SlotoZilla is not just game reviews but a list of prank ideas at home.

The Bed Switch

One prank you can pull if you have family members who sleep really tight is to switch the beds.

Here is the idea:

While they are asleep, carry them to another person’s bedroom.
By the time they wake up, they will be utterly confused as to how they got there.

The beauty of this prank idea is that nobody gets hurt—the person you pranked will just be creeped out. Other than that, there is no damage to worry about.

We recommend this prank to small children who already have consciousness about things. It’ll be a real challenge to do this to an adult unless if the adult is really passed out.

Replace All Photos

Source: freepik.com

Next on our list of household prank ideas is the photoswitch. You know how it is when homes are full of photos, right? What you should do to make this prank effective is to change the content of the picture frames all at once and then see if anyone notices.

One of the most famous pranks in relation to this is the Steve Buscemi Challenge. In it, you have to replace all your family photos with Steve Buscemi’s picture. Steve is a Hollywood actor. If you want, you can also use photos of other actors.

Once somebody reacts, then it is time to reveal the prank. Of course, be prepared to do the work of putting all photos back.

The Drink Prank

If there are people who feel entitled to take your drinks, then this prank is the best. What you have to do is to get an empty bottle—the same one that they steal from you—and fill it with saltwater. Get food coloring and mix it, so it looks like the original drink.

Hide somewhere or position a camera and take a shot as they drink. You will have a hilarious time getting back at this entitled person. The common bottle for that is Gatorade, and it is better to use bottles, so people will assume it is a normal drink. If you put it in a mug, it is likely that the person will take a sip first, and the prank is not going to work.

The Nun

This prank is popularized by a channel on YouTube called Jalal’s. Here, you have to dress up like an evil nun, as seen in the movie, The Nun. Hide behind cars, elevators, corners, and surprise people as they pass by.

Ideas for pranks like this one are dangerous, and you must get the help of somebody to intervene in case the victims do not take kindly to it. In the videos of Jalals, there are some prank victims who wanted to start a fight—they did not appreciate it. So, just be careful and make sure you can diffuse the situation if it gets tense.

Invisible Driver

If you want to have some real fun, you can dress up your car seat to make it look like you are invisible. This prank was popularized by a magician called Rahat. He is a superstar on YouTube, and he was also the subject of controversy lately.

In this prank, you will make some adjustments to your car seat. You need to build a rigging or a prop. You will sit behind that prop—still sitting at the driver’s seat like you normally would. However, your prop or dress, which looks like a car seat, covers your whole body.

From here, you can go to drive-thru restaurants and order. By the time you get to the cashier, she will be surprised that there is nobody inside the car, and yet it is moving. Make sure you have a camera aimed at them so you can capture their reactions on video.

Remote Control Rodent

This is pretty easy to do, and it is a lot of fun. As you know, we humans have a natural aversion to rats. They carry a lot of diseases, and people who see rats typically jump. This is called a jump scare, and you will have fun at the many types of reactions of people.

What you need is to buy a rodent toy that is remotely controlled. Hide it in a corner, and make it move really fast to surprise people. You can do this in public areas, too, if you like. If you do this, get a camera rolling and capture the people’s reactions.

We do not recommend doing this on streets that are busy with vehicles. When people get surprised, some of them have a tendency to run. This is the last thing you want—for someone to run on incoming cars.


Prank Materials Needed
The Bed Switch None
Replace all photos Photos of actors
The Drink Prank Saltwater and food colour
The Nun Nun costume and make up
Invisible Driver Car and props
Remote Control Rodent RC toy rodent


April Fool’s Day is a great time to have fun. What you should avoid, though, is making pranks about sensitive issues, like telling people that someone has died. If you are not one for pranks, you can just stay at home this whole day and then play games on websites where you can get casino bonuses, win real money, and probably hit a jackpot prize.

Before you prank, you have to carefully assess the dangers of the prank. Make sure that nobody gets seriously hurt. There have been reports of pranks that have really gone bad, and some even led to death. Be a responsible prankster, and try to play out the things that can happen. If you think the prank can severely hurt someone, we strongly advise you not to proceed with it.

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