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25 Pinterest Ideas That Went Horribly Wrong! I Can’t Stop Laughing

You know how you always try out something fancy you find on the internet and well it doesn’t exactly turn out like it should. Rather its a total train-wreck and you’ve created a mess that aptly highlights your loser instincts. Well, you are not alone…Here are examples of people who tried and failed…badly!

1. The Cuteness Overload

2. Melted Minion

3. Crazy Hedgehog Cake

4. Waffle Iron Cookies

5. Justin Bieber (Burn Victim!) Cake

6. Marble Themed Nails

7. Cookie Monster Cupcakes

8. Fried Eggs…Sort of!

9. Chocolate Covered Kiwi Popsicle

10. Melted Crayon Art (Art Attack!)

11. String Art Balloons

12. Pumpkin Baby

13. Deviled Chicks

14. S’mores Cookies

15. Hello Shark Cupcakes

16. Christmas Card Photo Fail

17. Hair Whip Fail

18. Mozzarella Cheese Bits

19. Tower of Kids

20. Train Wreck Cake!

21. Cookie Bowls

22. T-shirt Ruffle Scarf

23. Mountain Dew Penguin Cupcakes

24. Sock Wreath

25. Glow Jar

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