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Testosterone Boosting, Myth or Truth: Revealed – 2024 Guide

Testosterone is one of the most mythologized hormones. It is worth knowing whether this organic chemical compound produced in the testicles is, in fact, the “essence of masculinity.”

It’s true that testosterone determines sex in the fetal life stage. It is responsible for androgenic features, i.e., for the production of the so-called secondary male characteristics that include physique, libido, male voice, body hair, and facial hair. In later life, it also influences spermatogenesis.

However, the effects of testosterone on the body are not always so obvious. They are only well known, repeated and… wrong.

It is possible that after reading the following common facts and myths about testosterone, you will refresh your knowledge, and if you hear any incorrect statement from a friend, you will have a chance to correct them kindly.

Testosterone Builds Muscles – Truth

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Testosterone is an anabolic, so it affects the synthesis of proteins, the most important building block of muscle tissue. What’s also great is that it reduces fat mass. That is why testosterone is so popular among gym-goers. If you train a lot and would like to successfully build muscle mass, read the review of products that increase testosterone levels on the website: TheSupplementReviews.

It is a vital hormone, especially for men who want to build muscle mass. However, excessive doping is not recommended, because high testosterone concentration in the blood can lead to liver damage and the appearance of health problems in the area of the circulatory system.

Testosterone Affects Sexual Performance – Truth

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High levels of testosterone in the blood reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. It turns out that by increasing this sex hormone level, you can prevent erectile dysfunction and increase the sex drive.

Testosterone makes the physiological responses of excitement stronger – morning erections appear spontaneously, and it is easier to maintain an erection and even achieve the next one. If you suspect that the concentration of the sex hormone in your body is too low, it is best to undergo the appropriate hormone tests.

Testosterone Makes You Stupid – Myth

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On the contrary – it helps maintain excellent mental performance until old age. There is a relationship between testosterone levels and cognitive function, spatial orientation, and concentration.

Higher levels of testosterone have a positive effect on brain tissues, which do not degrade as quickly with age. Men who do not have a deficiency of this hormone find it easier to focus and solve math problems.

Bald People Have More Testosterone – Myth

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Many people think so, but bends or even a bald head do not indicate a high level of testosterone. This myth comes from the fact that pattern hair loss affects mainly men and that testosterone is indirectly responsible for baldness.

The substance that directly causes hair loss is a testosterone derivative – dihydrotestosterone. However, there is no such thing: the more testosterone, the more hair is lost. Alopecia is a genetic issue, and the hypersensitivity of the hair follicles is inherited from our ancestors. Thus, testosterone isn’t the one to blame – it’s genes.

Testosterone Causes Bouts of Aggression – Myth

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For years, testosterone has been accused of everything that is the worst in men, most often for outbreaks of uncontrolled aggression. However, it turns out that this common belief is primarily based on animal research, the results of which are mechanically extrapolated to human behaviour.

The hormones themselves do not directly influence behavior. They just affect chemical changes in neurons, increasing or decreasing the likelihood of certain reactions occurring.

Moreover, sex hormones are just one of the many factors that influence aggressive behavior. So, since it is known that both aggressive and non-aggressive men have high testosterone levels, it becomes evident that testosterone itself is not responsible for the aggression.

Breasts Grow From Testosterone – Truth

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Although it seems paradoxical, excess testosterone (most often taken as doping, because it rarely exceeds the norm in a natural way) can lead to the appearance of female features, such as lipomastia or gynecomastia. So instead of reaching the silhouette of an athlete, your silhouette begins to resemble a pear, and what’s frightening – a pear with breasts.

There is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. Additional portions of testosterone can be converted into estrogen, i.e. the female sex hormone and its increased level causes the secretion of prolactin, which in turn is responsible, among others, for the growth of the mammary glands and the deposition of fat on the breasts and around the abdomen.

Best to Have Moderate Testosterone Levels – True

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The physical, mental and sexual condition of men is related to testosterone levels. When it comes to the general health of men, it is best to keep the levels of this hormone under control. If you are looking at your results and your testosterone level is normal – that’s very good. You shouldn’t be upset that it’s not off the scale. It does not serve your manhood well at all.

Both too high and too low testosterone levels are not beneficial. It turns out that men with normal testosterone levels enjoy the best health. It would seem that the more testosterone the better, and that too high a level cannot hurt you. However, those with the highest levels of this “male hormone” turn out to have a weaker immune system.


Men used to think that testosterone is the most important hormone in their bodies responsible for every aspect of their male life. Indeed, testosterone is crucial for achieving the best sexual performance and building your muscles, but it is not always responsible for everything attributed to it.

For example, the famous relationship between testosterone and outbursts of aggression is not as strong as it might seem. This hormone associated with violent behavior is actually only involved in stimulating certain brain structures indirectly responsible for aggression.

There are many such myths about testosterone that, if repeated, become true for some. That is why it is so important to consciously pay attention to every piece of content you read. Check several sources if you can, and make sure you are well informed!

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