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6 Essentials of Healthy Eating

Perhaps when you start eating sole fruits and vegetables, you think that you are already eating healthy. Although it is partly true, no close monitoring of your consumption can be counterproductive. It may or may not cause more harm than good since uncontrolled and unmonitored consumption is not great, even when you are eating fruits and vegetables.

The point of eating healthy is to avoid eating food that is detrimental to your health without sacrificing the nutrients that your body requires. However, without monitoring your consumption, you can not achieve this purpose. This is because your body will not receive the needed nutrients required when you don’t look into the specific food you will eat.

That being said, in this article, we will talk about the six essentials of healthy eating so that you will know what lies beyond eating fruits and vegetables. Because news flash: eating healthy is not just about fruits and vegetables. It’s about ensuring your body is fit and is fueled with the nutrients it needs.

Exercising actually adds to the equation

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If you go through platforms like YouTube, you will see that there are many workout videos uploaded there. In those videos, you can see that the people executing the exercise remind people to eat healthily. And there is an important reason for that.

Basically, a good diet is a balance of food intake and exercise. So, healthy eating goes hand in hand with exercising. In fact, one without the other won’t bear fruit as much. This is because your weight is highly dependent on not only what you eat but also on what you do. When you work out hard but still constantly eat food that contributes unhealthy components to your organs,  your body will not improve like how you wish it would.

Regulating your fruits and veggies consumption is a must

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As subtly covered in the previous point, your weight is dependent on what you eat and what you do. In terms of the food you eat, there are certain limitations of how much you should eat of them in a day, or what you should eat in the following.

Fruits and vegetables don’t necessarily help you be healthy. In fact, it may be detrimental for some. This is because some fruits contain sugar. They may turn you into a person with diabetes. Also, if you are concentrated on eating the same food every day, your body won’t be receiving the other nutrients that it requires because the components of the food you’re eating couldn’t possibly have it all.

Opt for whole grains

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When you have just started shifting the food that you eat, you may be unaware of the differences between different grains. Thus, we highly recommend you to take whole grains instead of white and others. Here’s why.

Whole grains are much jam-packed with nutrients, which is what you exactly need. Compared to other grains such as the white one, it is already processed, so the nutrients it contains are pulled out from it. So, whole grains notably have an abundant supply of fiber in them, along with B vitamins, iron, folate, and potassium, among many others.

Avoiding processed food and junk food

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Consistency is key in being healthy. When you commit to being consistent, there are sacrifices that should be made. Sacrifices that will deprive you of things, and food in this matter, that you were accustomed to like hotdogs and corned beef.

There is an important reason why kids are advised to refrain from eating any processed food. And that is because they are linked to different illnesses that they might acquire. The same thing goes for adults. In fact, processed food such as hotdogs is said to be a probable cause of heart disease and even colon cancer. This is because they are notably high in their sodium contents and even saturated fat– components that are evidently detrimental for people trying to stay healthy.

Controlling beverage consumption aside from water

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If you like coffee, milk tea, and even sodas, you need to get rid of them if you want to start healthy eating. The name may suggest that it only refers to digestible food but it is also inclusive of the drinks that you will consume to accompany them during your meals.

Coffee, indeed, has effects that help people focus, among many others. It seems like it is making people’s brains sharper because it helps them stay awake and productive. However, no matter how much people love it, it is not good for one’s health. It causes high blood pressure and even high heart rates that can probably lead to heart problems. As for milk teas, they may be famous in many Kdramas circulating online, but they do not come with health benefits. Sure, they bring pleasure. But it doesn’t contribute to your health. So, drink water instead.

Take vitamins and other needed supplements when need be

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Because there are people that are picky with what they eat, they instead resort to taking vitamins and other supplements to help them to start eating healthy. In fact, there are also powders that you can mix with your drink in replacement for other meals that you may not like the taste of.

One of the vitamins that are advised for people to take is ascorbic acid which is a form of vitamin C. In times of health crisis, this is highly advised for people to take because it helps in keeping the immune system strong. Aside from this, people also use protein shakes. If you are not familiar with it, you may go through Nody’s page and look through the article that talks about it. Basically, it is a drink that people can consume to keep themselves healthy and full even if they don’t eat anything. This is because it already contains the nutrients that the body needs for the day.

Other supplements you should consider adding to your diet are chia seeds, collagen, and protein shakes. We recommend visiting credible nutrition sources like Nody to get recommendations on these food items.

Final note

Healthy eating is not solely dependent on the food you put into your mouth. Instead, it is inclusive of the exercises that you do or the lack thereof, the drinks that you take to make you feel stronger and better, and the habits that you form in your daily life.

At the end of the day, healthy eating is holistic and not just dependent on one aspect. So, to help you out with your health needs, visit Nody and get the change you want today!

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