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Practical Tips to Reignite the Intimacy in Your Marriage

True intimacy goes beyond the physical. It has to do with passion, trust, gentleness, and tenderness. These elements create lasting bonds. They are what we call love. Needless to say, physical intimacy goes beyond sex. It is about proximity, sensual touch, romance, friendship, companionship, and a powerful sexual connection.

Physical intimacy and verbal affection can be equally important in growing and maintaining a relationship. People see physical intimacy differently. Even in marriage, it is something that takes time and patience to develop.

Characteristics of an Intimate Relationship

An intimate relationship involves an emotional as well as a physical bond. It’s about sharing intimate moments, building trust, laughing together, having a solid bond, and even being best friends.

How to Increase Intimacy

If you’re lacking some or all of the above, you need to work on improving intimacy. Consider the following tips on that note.

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1. Work on Your Habits

Some bad relationship habits are belittling your partner or always insisting things go your way. Don’t get caught up in power struggles. The importance of intimacy in marriage cannot be overemphasized.

Be gentler and more open towards your spouse. With time, intimacy will grow stronger, including sexual intimacy.

2. Go Slow

Your spouse might be uncomfortable with PDAs. They don’t want to kiss or even hold hands in public. People can feel awkward and uncomfortable for many different reasons when it comes to physical intimacy. It is not only acceptable but sometimes even necessary to take things slow, slower than you might want to.

3. Don’t Force It

You should never even try to force physical intimacy in your marriage. Start with things like cuddling or hugging them more often. With time, your spouse will begin to embrace the idea of improving intimacy.

Forcing intimacy will have the exact opposite effect. It will make your partner even more resentful of it. Always try to recognize and respect limits and boundaries. You can’t make your spouse be more intimate, but you can work on improving intimacy as long as you have patience.

Remember that being physically intimate doesn’t have to mean cuddling all the time. It can be something far more banal, like lovingly holding their hand when you go out to a restaurant or go shopping together.

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4. Romance is Key

When we mention “physical intimacy”, most people imagine cuddling, kissing, hugging, or other romantic gestures. While these are definitely part of physical intimacy, it goes beyond them. It’s mainly about enjoying being close to them and feeling comfortable in their presence. Normally, your spouse’s presence should be comforting and soothing. If it’s not, that’s a bad sign.

Physical intimacy can be enhanced by engaging in activities that promote it in other ways. These can be as simple as going for a walk, going on a carnival ride, seeing a movie together, riding a motorcycle, or just sitting next to your spouse instead of competitively facing them across the table.

On that note, how do you sit, for example, at the dining room table? Sitting across from them means competing. Sitting diagonally from them signifies sharing a mutual activity as strangers would. This is why when you’re sharing a table with someone you don’t know, it’s most acceptable to sit diagonally.

Sitting next to someone signifies mutual activity. It’s the most intimate seating arrangement.

While these delicate acts of physical intimacy may not seem overly romantic, they can not only improve intimacy but also help build more comfort and affection between you and your spouse.

5. Avoid Distractions

While undoubtedly useful, your devices are getting in the way of human connection. Turn off the phone, tablet, computer, and TV. Simply talking to your spouse will help increase emotional intimacy and physical closeness.

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6. Playfulness

Switch things up in the bedroom. Introducing a new position or sex toy is surprisingly effective when it comes to psychological benefits. Erotica and toys can help enhance sexual desire and the level of enjoyment. Check out these hot dildos with ultra-realistic skin from hotcherry.com.

7. The Right Touch

Touching is a very important part of intimacy. Rubbing their back, stroking their hair, and looking into their eyes when you speak allows you to show physical affection. These acts will also tell you something about their erogenous zones.

8. Say Kind Words More Often

Express words of kindness and appreciation for all the good things your partner brings into your life. This is a powerful way to rebuild your relationship and reignite intimacy.

Do not take for granted all the little gestures. If they have cooked a delicious meal, say how grateful you are. Spare some time for a sincere, heartfelt expression of love. This way, you will contribute to an atmosphere of gratitude, sharing, and collaboration. This will inspire you both to be more positive and supportive.

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9. Know the Stages of Intimacy

You’ll improve intimacy by knowing the stages of physical intimacy in a relationship. All marriages go through these stages despite every couple being unique. Developing emotional intimacy outside the bedroom will promote intimacy in your marriage in general.

10. Don’t be Afraid to Explore

When you’re married, you can often get stuck in a rut. Your sex routine is monotonous and lacks spontaneity. You’d be surprised that it actually does not take much to bring the spark back. Transforming your sex life goes hand in hand with exploration. You must have the confidence to try new things and keep an open mind. Sharing sexual fantasies is one of the best ways to break the routine and do away with predictability. Explore your spouse’s sexual boundaries and let them explore yours.

Of course, communicating your fantasies openly might feel awkward, but you should still go through with it. It will promote communication, increase trust, and lead you to come up with new things to try in bed.

11. Exercise Together

Regular exercise improves sexual satisfaction and builds a positive body image. Exercising even for half an hour a day can alleviate stress levels and augment mental health and well-being.

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