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Jammer types and operation

Smartphones are the most popular thing all over the world. It is a possibility to find information whenever you are. Also, people can work with smartphones, send messengers, documents, etc. Unfortunately, the mobile phone is not a safety device. Hackers can use the phone as a wiretap. To prevent this is used cell phone blocker (https://www.jammer-store.com/) to protect conversion or business meetings. So no one can use a smartphone in a particular place: call or go online so that you can avoid leaks of important information. There is a wide range of telephone jammers on the market today. Everybody can buy it for everyday use.

Popular jammers types

Cellular network jammers can be used for business meetings, private negotiations with partners, in public places. It is a small device with antennas. The operation of the device is aimed at suppressing the radio waves emitted by the phone. It creates an invisible balloon. Inside this balloon, cellular communications do not work. This instrument does not allow the transfer of information to third parties.

Today cell phone jammers are:

  • Stationary. They are used in different spheres. There are a lot of models with high power and increased range. Most often, their design includes about ten antennas. It is used in professional areas and can work for a long time without stopping.
  • Pocket. They are needed for private use. It is a small device, so they fit perfectly in your pocket and do not attract much attention. Their operating time reaches ten hours, and the range is several meters. The presented type of devices is difficult to detect, so disguising them as an everyday thing is not difficult.
  • Phone cases. This device depends on the smartphone model. The primary purpose is to mask the subscriber from recognition of his location by various maps. It is allowed for use without any restrictions. The design feature blocks communication and protects the user from exposure to harmful radiation.
  • Instruments for GPS and WiFi. This appliance is applied for cars or significant places with wireless internet.

The choice of jammer for the phone depends on the purpose of its use. Large rooms in public places require a powerful instrument. The radius of action can be different. This indicator affects the formation of the protective ball.

Positive and negative sides of using a phone jammer

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Cell phone jamming is widespread all over the world. It can mount in educational establishments, concert halls, theaters, and business corporations. Sometimes students use telephones for exams. Jammer is the best way to prevent cheating on an exam. Instruments are easy to mount on the wall or in an inconspicuous place. It is impossible to use any cellular communication when it is turned on. It does not make much noise and is economical in energy consumption.

The positive qualities of a cellular network jammer include interference of various devices, on mains power or battery, compact size, and permissible to use in case of sudden temperature changes. The battery capacity of the portable device is enough for one hour of work.

A telephone network jammer is used to prevent the possibility of leakage of valuable information. Some models can work for a long time without overheating and recharging. The control of the instrument is simple and tunable to a given frequency.

The difference between stationary and portable devices


Stationary jammers are designed to suppress signals of preset frequencies within the range of operation while providing a constant power supply from a 220V network, car cigarette lighter socket, or another power source. Such suppressors are usually installed indoors and are rarely portable, as their size and weight are very significant. These devices are mounted in business centers, educational institutions, theaters, and museums to ensure silence. The device allows you to block the signal in transit or where there is no power source. Portable signal suppressors have a shorter range. Portable network jammers are used for protection against information falling into the hands of third parties. Portable jammers are used to block the bugs, wiretaps, and trackers, working with GPS and Glonass satellites. Drivers of public transport use such jammers so that passengers are not distracted while driving by loud conversations.

There are mobile jammers with remote control. The remote control gives you power control and a radio wave suppression indicator. The instrument has positive sides:

  • The antenna is built into the jammer housing. This gives extra security. The signal is precisely directed to the specified target. A protective balloon is forming that blocks cellular network signals that do not allow other devices in the ariar.
  • The unit has a built-in cooling radiator. That’s why the blocker can work for a long time.
  • Remote control with the distant control. You can change the frequency.

You can find special blockers on the market that works in the form of cases. The phone blocker uses to preserve privacy. Mobile operators cannot track the subscriber’s location. So the instrument consists of two parts. One is needed to block impulses, and the other is used to protect the human body from harmful radiation. Researchers proved the safety of the device for daily use.

The first device was invented and manufactured relatively recently, in 2001, at the request of the King of Jordan. The current king was very annoyed by phone calls during his prayers in the temple. He approached the developers at Image Sensing Systems. Soon the first sample of a cellular jammer was presented. Developers have upgraded the instrument. The military used a device to protect information from wiretaps. Today, you can buy the gadget in a specialized offline or online store. The cost depends on the functionality and quality of the internal components.

Today cellular jammers are a high-tech and beneficial device that will help save personal information and you from many unpleasant situations. The cellular network jammer is available to all people. The choice of tool depends on the radius of action. For large rooms, stationary models are suitable. For personal use, portable or pocket-sized devices are appropriate.

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