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3 Tips for Installing and Maintaining Carbon Monoxide Alarms

It doesn’t matter if they are solely to improve our home security, to secure some of our treasured belongings, or to notify us on time if there is a fire, any alarm system is more much more than just that, as in some cases, they can actually save our life. There are many situations in life that can be life-threatening, but we cannot detect ourselves, and when there is something to make us and our family safer, why not use it. The new technology has many advantages, and installing CO alarms is something more in a domain of a must today.

Also known as a silent killer, carbon monoxide is extremely damaging to our health, and many often don’t even realize its influence on time, which is something that we can all avoid since CO alarms are here for quite some time now, and there is no rightful reason not to install them. The gas itself is not visible and is without any color, taste, or smell, and sometimes its presence, if not detected on time, can be fatal. Gas poisoning is something we all heard about, and everyone should know that a huge number of those deaths are closely related to carbon monoxide. Luckily, since it is much lighter than air, it doesn’t represent any danger in the open as it goes to the atmosphere, but indoors, it can be highly toxic.

What characterizes this gas is that not everyone can notice its side effects right away as the symptoms, like nausea, dizziness, etc., are pretty similar to those of the flu. But those symptoms occur when someone is exposed to a small dosage, and as the dosage increases, the symptoms get more severe, like loss of consciousness or chest pains. All this is a reason more why installing a proper carbon monoxide alarm is of great importance, as it will detect even the smallest amount.

As the technology advanced, so did the alarm systems, which is why today, we can be sure that even the smallest amount of CO will be detected. Of course, for that, you will need the right equipment, but luckily there are some renowned companies like X-Sense, a global leader in home safety products, including carbon monoxide detectors.

1. Choose the right position

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Before you start the installation process, it is necessary to choose the perfect location. Keep in mind that carbon monoxide is lighter than air, and it is rising when the air is warmer. Because of that, the best height to put the alarm is about five feet from the floor. The other good place for that is the ceiling since the hot air and carbon monoxide are always going up. Avoid putting it near the fireplace or the cooker with an open flame because it can cause constant ringing without any real reason.

If your home has more than one floor, you will need one detector for each one, and when you are counting on how many of them you need, do not forget the basement and the attic. It is possible to get one and put it near the bedrooms so the alarm can wake everybody up if there is a reason for that. The better solution is to buy a few of them and put them all around the house. By doing so, you can avoid fatal outcomes and live life without any unnecessary stress. It may look like an expensive investment, but it is not something that anybody buys every day, and it can literally save your life.

2. Change the batteries regularly

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There are various CO detectors on the market, but the most common are those that run on batteries. There are several reasons for this, ranging from the price, which is very affordable, to easy installation, because you do not need too many tools or knowledge to install them. Just hang them up, and they are ready to go. If you opt for them for any reason, it is crucial to know that it is crucial to change the batteries as often as recommended by the manufacturer. Some detectors require more frequent replacement of batteries, while now they also produce those with a lithium battery that can last up to ten years. If the batteries are not replaced on time, the detectors may have a much weaker performance. All this can lead to them not responding when necessary. In order to avoid this situation, which can also be very dangerous, it is necessary to maintain them as recommended by the manufacturer.

3. Change the whole detector after a certain time

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Proper maintenance is most important in order to extend the life of any appliance, and the same goes for the CO detectors. Regular cleaning, testing, and replacement of batteries can extend the life and improve the performance of the appliance, but, as with most appliances, it is still necessary to replace it after a while. That usually happens after five to seven years, depending on the model you choose and how you maintain it, and that is why regular testing is highly recommended. If you don’t think it’s working well, replacement is the best solution because that’s the only way you can be sure you’re safe in your home. The detector that does not work accurately can threaten your and the lives of your family. That situation can simply be avoided by changing it, which will not last longer than 10 minutes.

The bottom line

Since they are not that expensive and installing them is far from complicated, there is no real reason not to install carbon monoxide alarms. Installing requires almost no effort but can be of great importance since it can actually save someone’s life. All this is particularly important for those whose power source is gas or fuel, and CO detectors are something you should definitely at least consider. Maintaining them is yet another easy task, as the most important thing is to follow the instruction written in the user manual and replace batteries, with some regular testing, of course.

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