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Are Dab Rigs Different Than Bongs – 2024 Guide

Just because both dab rigs and bongs are water pipes, it does not mean that they are the same. They are two instruments that are used to consume marijuana. There are some differences between them. In this article, you will learn about how dab rigs are different from bongs. Check out the points below to know about this difference:

  • Purpose:

Dab rigs and bongs are instruments that are designed to consume herbs but in different ways. Bongs are mainly used with dried flowers whereas dab rigs have various parts and are meant to be used for wax and concentrates. While using the bongs, you need to light the plant material with the help of a lighter and inhale the smoke released by it. But in dab rigs, heat is required to vaporize the concentrate that is to be inhaled. This task is generally performed using the torch.

  • Bowl Vs. Nail:

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Another thing that can help you differentiate between these two water pipes is whether it has a bowl or nail. Usually, nail shaped pipes are heated by using a butane torch. The concentrates in it are then lowered. But bowls are fully packed with herbs and you can ignite it with the help of a lighter. Also, you must know dab nails are a bit more expensive than the bong bowl. The main materials that are used to make nails are ceramic, quartz, glass, and titanium. This is the reason it is a bit more costly.

  • It Is The Matter Of Size:

Size is another distinct element that sets both these instruments apart. A large piece is needed whenever you want to consume flowers or dry herbs. Apart from this, you will also require multiple ice catchers to maximize the cooling and filtration. On the other hand, a smaller piece along with minimal ice catchers can be used to consume concentrates. But what is the reason behind this?

When you consume flowers in a bong, it allows the smoke to travel long distances without decreasing its potency. If the dry herbs or flowers travel for a long time in the bong, it becomes smoother to get inside your lungs. For consuming concentrates you need to vaporize it and for doing this, small dab rigs are sufficient. Therefore, you can conclude from this that bongs are larger in size than the dab rigs.

  • Safety:

Before buying any such products, it is essential for you to check its safety points. Glass instruments can easily get shattered than the other materials. Therefore, you should consider buying quality products that have less risk of breaking. Find here the head shops online where you can get high quality bongs and dab rigs for consuming flowers, dry herbs, and concentrates.

Another thing that you need to check is that the material should be heat resistant. Well-made bongs and dab rigs can resist the extreme heat changes but there is always a probability that they can shatter especially when you try to lighten it. We suggest you purchase a bong with ice catcher if you need a super-cold smoke.

  • Price:

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Price is the main factor that helps you decide which device you should buy. If you are on a budget, then getting an acrylic bong would be the best option for you as it is quite affordable. As the material and the design of the device improves, it becomes expensive. In terms of price, you can find a wide range of bongs in the market. Dab rigs are generally more costly than bongs but you will get it at a reasonable price as well.

Advantages Of Dab Rigs

There are different advantages that dab rigs offer, one of which is the way that the flavor that is delivered with dab extracts is much more remarkable, rich, and intense, not at all like some other instruments used for consuming marijuana. It is different from bongs, and what they can do bongs can’t. It permits you to set aside your cash while getting a superior hit just barely of substance in the chamber. It is the best device to consider especially when you want to consume marijuana along with an enormous group of people.

Advantages Of Bongs

Using bongs has both advantages and disadvantages, however there are such countless benefits that you will notice. With regards to purchasing a bong, you will see that they are sensibly valued and truly reasonable as compared to other instruments used for consuming marijuana.

This implies that they are substantially accessible to a bigger customer base. Despite the fact that they could look precarious to clean, it is so easy, you simply need the right cleaning items. With regards to sharing, it’s ideal to keep it to yourself only as it is commonly only one hit. In the event that you are searching for a better option as compared to smoking this is an extraordinary decision. It is likewise a lot quicker than smoking but has similar impacts.

Source: nypost.com

To Sum Up

There are various devices available in the market that can help you consume marijauna. The most famous ones include dab rigs and bongs. Many people believe that they are the same but it is not true. They are different in almost every aspect. The most common differences that you will find include purpose, size, design, safety, and price. You need to check out the above points to know about these differences in detail.

Before purchasing any instrument for consuming dry herbs, flowers, and concentrates, it is essential for you to do some research. Evaluate the pros and cons of each device to know which one is the best for you. If you are on a budget, buying a bong would be beneficial for you. You will find a wide variety of bongs online as well as offline. If money is not an issue for you, then you can also consider getting a well-made dab rig.

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