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8 Best Outdoor Baby Swings in 2024

We always need the best for our loved ones and especially to our toddlers. Parents can’t always be with them, and here comes how a right baby swing can help you with pampering your baby. The right swing keeps the child entertained and leave you free to engage with your chores.

What are the things to be kept in mind while buying the best outdoor swing for your baby?


As you need an outdoor baby swing, top priority should be given to portability. A best outdoor swing will be easy to fold, lightweight, least space-consuming, etc. swings that fulfill these features are feasible to carry around during travel.

Seat Belt

We want our babies to be safe and sound. Even though the majority of baby swings come along with safety belts, don’t forget to make sure that the belts are durable. The belt should be compatible with the physical attributes of the kid.

Swing Material

As there is a high chance of our babies to pee on the swing, the swing should be made with an easily cleanable material. Plastic always does this job entirely but make sure that the plastic used is of high quality which does not cause discomfort to the baby. The material should provide stability and durability.

4 Types Of Swings Available In The Market

img source: babymegs.com
  • Bucket swing

It’s the safest and reliable swing type available according to my research. It is designed in a way that it holds the child safely surrounding the whole body. It hardly causes causalities to the child.

  • Disc swing

Disc swing cannot be used without the parent’s care as it is disc-shaped and hardly comes with safety belts. The child should hold the string for the support. There are high chances of accidents in this type of swings.

  • Glider swing

High-quality glider swings are capable of providing a gentle motion that soothes the child. It can be used to make them sleep by setting the swing speed.  Glider swings are portable and convenient.

  • Belt swing

You need a hook to hang belt swings. The seats are attached to the belts and often require someone near the baby to make it move back and fro.  Belt swings are also comparatively safe with their belts and comfortable seats.

Top 8 Outdoor Baby Swings

1. Step2 Infant To Toddler Swing Seat

img source: amazon.com


This is a bucket swing, and it has a deeper seat for child safety. It can hold fifty pounds in total.

Age range: six months to five years

Materials: moulded plastic and weather-resistant rope

Customer rating: 4.6/5

                        PROS                               CONS
An affordable toddler swingDeep bucket  swing

Includes safety harness

Easy cleaning

Strong material

Does not come with mounting frameAvailable only in  turquoise color

2. Tp Quadpod Adjustable 4-in-1 Swing Seat

img source: amazon.com


This too is a bucket swing that prioritizes the safety of your child. It has a T- bar to prevent the child from falling.

Weight:  up to 77 pounds

Age range: six months to eight

Materials: plastic, metal spring, nylon strap

Customer rating:  4.3/5

                              PROS                           CONS
Four seat modesT- bar for the child’s safety. padded seat for extra comfort

Metal spring locking system – for safety

Easy to assemble

Easy to clean

No color variety only available in green colorHigher price

3. Sportspower My First Toddler Swing-Heavy Duty Baby Indoor/ Outdoor Swing Set With Safety Harness

img source: amazon.com


This bucket swing with a safety belt can be used both indoor and outdoor. It is highly recommended for daycare centers.

Type: bucket swing with safety belt

Weight:  up to 55 pounds

Age range:  nine months to three years

Materials: the plastic seat, sturdy powder-coated steel

Customer rating: 4.2/5

                    PROS                             CONS
Easy to installUsed  both indoor and outdoor

Foldable and portable

Few customer complaints about the strapRequires more space

Lower age limit

No better color choices

4. Happy Pie Play& Adventure Secure Canvas Hanging Swing Seat Indoor/outdoor Hammock Toy For Toddler

img source: amazon.com


If you are looking for an attractive swing for your cutie pie, this can be your choice. It comes with five variety of colour options- blue, grey, pink, yellow and bright green.

Type:  bucket swing with wooden rods

Weight: 150 lbs.

Age range: six months to 3 years old

Materials: cotton canvas, natural beech wood, steel rings

Customer rating: 4.6/5

                              PROS             CONS
Attractive designCushion for comfort seating

Easy to assemble

Used both indoor and outdoor

The rope is short so will have to use extra ropeOnly a few colors are waterproof

Difficult to clean

5. Monkey & Mouse Secure Canvas And Wooden Hanging Swing Seat Chair With Baby, Infant, Toddler, Kids Toys- Indoor Hammock

img source: amazon.com


If safety and comfort is your top priority, you can go for this product. It has high-quality materials and a cotton pad for seating of your loved ones. It is the best gift option for baby showers and birthdays.

Type: bucket swing with cotton-padded seating

Weight: 110lb

Age range:  six months to 4 years

Materials: wooden rings, UV protected fabric

Customer rating: 4.5/5

                    PROS                       CONS
Can be used both indoor and outdoorEasy to assemble

Cotton padded for comfortable seating

Adjustable height

100% CPSC approved

Difficult to cleanAvailable only in two colors-red and grey

Not waterproof

6. Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-duty High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat With Coated Swing Chains Fully Assembled

img source: pinimg.com


The key feature of this full bucket swing is that it comes fully assembled, fully enclosed with excellent safety features.

Type: full bucket

Weight: up to 3.1 pounds

Age range: six months to four years

Materials: plastisol coated chain, polyethylene seat

Customer rating:  4.7/5

        PROS                   CONS
Easy to cleanLeast installing time

Durable and strong material. high safety ensured

Pre-assembled product

Can be used  both indoor and outdoor

Available as both full bucket and half bucket( full bucket ensures more safety)Available only in one color-dark green

Not comfortable seating

Weight capacity is less

7. Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Grow With Me Swing – blue

img source: littletikes.com


This too is an easily portable, safety ensured swing for your loved ones. It has a T-bar which rotates down for easy loading and unloading. The shoulder straps ensure the extra safety of the baby.

Type: bucket swing

Weight: up to 50 lbs.

Age range: nine months to four years

Materials: plastic bucket seat, nylon rope

Customer rating: 4.8/5

                PROS             CONS
T-bar for protection and easy loading and unloadingShoulder strap for extra protection

Easy to clean

Durable material for seating

Value for money

Used both outdoor and indoor

Seating is not comfortableComplaints regarding the quality of the nylon rope

No color choices

8. Cctro 3 In 1 Swing Seat, Infants To Toddler, Back Full Bucket Heavy Duty Chain

img source: amazon.com


This bucket swing can be used in three different ways are useful, both indoor and outdoor. It comes with a variety of three colors – blue, green and red.

Type: bucket swing

Weight: up to 300 pounds

Age range: six months to 12

Materials: plastic bucket swing, nylon string

Customer rating: 4.1/5

                  PROS               CONS
Can be used in three different waysCan be used both indoor and outdoor

Easy to clean

High weight capacity

Broad range age group

Easy to assemble

Durable materials

Uncomfortable seating for infantsNeeds extra rope for greater heights

Nylon rope might break due to the continuously increased loading

The above are the top eight products available in the market for outdoor baby swings. The list is based on highly prioritized safety of our young ones as safety is more important than anything else. The materials used also plays a pivotal role in making the swing strong and durable.

Hope you will be able to select the best swing for your loved ones.

Let these products bring laughter and joy in your homes.

Stay safe and happy!

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