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7 Benefits of Hummus – Ultimate Guide

Hummus is a must-to-have thing for vegetarians. It is gaining popularity around the world and you can see a lot of places now offering it as a side dish. Hummus is quite easy to make and you can use it as a dipping to change the regular dips. It is delicious and has a lot of medical benefits.

What is hummus and how to make it?

Hummus is a paste made from blending chickpeas – garbanzo beans (as the main ingredient), tahini (a puree made from sesame seeds- a bit sweeter in taste), garlic and lemon juice and olive oil. If you want to make it, you need to boil the chickpeas and put all the ingredients together in the blender and blend them. The paste that you will get at the end is hummus, a highly delicious delicacy. You can have it with pringles, lays or use it as a dipping or a side dish.

All the healthy ingredients increase their nutritional value. And this is just a basic recipe, but making food is not limited. You can try out different combinations and get a perfect dish. This is also the case with hummus, you can find out different recipes at happyvegan.nl. If you are afraid that your combination might taste awful, you can try out already experimented recipes at www.happyvegan.nl. Here are some amazing health benefits of adding hummus to your diet.

1. Rich in fibers and regulate your gut

Source: healthline.com

This paste is a rich source of fibers and because of this high fiber content, this will maintain your gut. Eating it once a day can help you have a proper and healthy digestive tract. If you suffer gut issues like indigestion or constipation, you should definitely add it to your diet. This is a tasty way of having a healthy digestive system.
In addition to this, we do eat a lot of junk food that makes our digestive system weak. Furthermore, we suffer from a lot of health issues.

However, if you add this one dish along with your snacks, you will be taking healthy eating. Chips taste so much better with this. So you can enjoy your favorite chips and still enjoy healthy digestion. Another benefit is a reduction in the risk of heart diseases. Fibers are not only good for your gut but also for your heart. So if you do not want to have heart issues, you should definitely add fibers to your diet, and what is a better and tastier way of adding fibers than hummus?

2. Make bones stronger and improves skin

Source: thetab.com

Hummus is a veg source of protein. Chickpeas are highly rich in proteins and therefore, a daily intake will be beneficial for your body. Protein acts as a building block of blood, muscles, skin and bones. However, vegetarians do not eat meat and thus, their protein consumption is low. They have to depend on plant-based proteins. And hummus is the best choice for all those people. According to medical research, a 100 grams serving of hummus has 7.9 grams of proteins. This is good enough to make you meet your daily protein intake.

Thus, you will have better immunity and recovery from illnesses. In addition to the proteins, hummus also has a number of other nutritional things. For example, it is rich in manganese, copper, iron, zinc and also vitamin B6. But this is not all. You will also have carbohydrates, folates, phosphorus, thiamin and potassium through it. A 100-gram serving will give you 39 percent of Manganese of RDI. The 2nd highest percentage is copper, which is 26 percent of RDI. So, you will be getting highly nutrient-rich food in this tasty food.

3. A lower cholesterol level

Source: heartfoundation.org.au

The main ingredient of hummus is chickpeas also known as garbanzo beans. Apart from fibers, these beans also have other nutrients that lower cholesterol levels. Thus, allows you to have a healthy lifestyle.
If you depend on processed foods, you should be aware that they have a high sodium content. And an increase in sodium content in the body will increase the risk of heart diseases. This is also the case with hummus. If you buy it from the grocery store, the sodium content will be higher and you do not want that. Therefore, it is better that you prepare it at home.

4. Cancer prevention

Source: inspiredtaste.net

Chickpeas and beans are not only healthy but they also prevent a number of diseases. They have phytic acids, protease inhibitors and also saponins. All these compounds are known to prevent cellular damage. This also includes the cellular damage that results in causing cancer. Thus, you will have overall better health.

5. Helpful in losing weight

Source: theonion.com

You already know that tahini is the main ingredient of hummus, which is a butter made from sesame seeds. Thus, you will be in taking a decent amount of monosaturated fats. The most important benefit of using monosaturated fats is that they reduce belly fat. Thus, helps your body to promote weight loss. It acts as a substitute for trans fats that increase weight gain.

6. Treats anemia

Source: spectrumnews.org

Both tahini and chickpeas are rich sources of iron. Furthermore, chickpeas have high protein content. Thus, both these components will promote the production of red blood cells. Moreover, the cause of anemia is iron deficiency. Therefore, if you have anemia, it is better to increase iron intake. Eating hummus will helps you to get rid of iron deficiency.

7. Balancing blood sugar level

Hummus has all the beneficial components and one of these is the control of blood sugar levels. Of course, eating hummus does not mean that it will get rid of diabetes. However, it is better to eat healthy than to take medication. Furthermore, the high protein content will make you feel full with less quantity. Thus, you will have a low intake of food and eventually, the blood sugar level won’t rise too much.

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