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Best Accessories and Gadgets for Cat Breeds

With many tech gadgets and accessories available in the pet category at your local pet store or online, you indeed will find one that your feline companion will cherish. And with many pet owners getting in on the tech train for dogs and cats, you surely don’t want to be left out.

Not sure about the best accessories and gadgets for cat breeds? The guys at Holistapet have all the information you may find helpful when it comes to all you need to keep your cat happy. Below are some of the favorites among other feline moms and dads that you can consider getting for your cat this season.

Start with Feeding

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Mealtime could be even more fun with a more suitable chow bowl for kittens. And while you may want to use one from your kitchen basket or dish tray, you want to shop those specifically designed for felines.

You want to avoid using plastic bowls for your cat meals. For one, they get dirty quickly and could harbor germs when not properly cleaned. So you want to opt for glass and stainless steel options instead.

While you can choose from plain or patterned designed bowls, you want to ensure that they do well keeping the food in one place. Another thing to consider is the level of elevation from the ground. Using a metal bowl that is too low will give cause discomfort for your cat’s neck. So you want to consider elevated options.

You can find those that come in several options for different food types, and what’s more, they are versatile. This means that they are safe to use for both dogs and cats. But you want to make sure to use a separate bowl for each animal if you have both at home.

Go Big on Play Toys

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This is where you will probably be spending most of your budget on gadgets for cat breeds. You want to make sure that you provide the right entertainment for your cat. And while Netflix and chill are out of the question, there are other means that you can use to keep your felines engaged.

For example, a scratching post is a must-have as it gives them something to scratch their paws on. Providing a scratcher would keep them away from your furniture and essential home pieces. You can find those that are reasonably priced and options that are a little costly, depending on how they are designed. Ideally, you trim your cat’s fingers regularly to limit how much damage they do around the house.

Still, on toys for cat breeds, you can find those that come with a motorized option that helps your feline get the required exercise. This will help with their health and ensure that they do not spend the entire day sitting around the house. Some other good options include teaser toys attached to a feather that could also ginger them to exercise when they aren’t in the mood.

Climbing Toys Are Essential for Cat Breeds

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If you have ever seen a cat stuck up in a tree and wondered how it got there, you likely don’t know that felines could do a great job with climbing. And as a result, you will probably find them hanging on the TV, shelf, or roof.

This is one way they get to stretch their body and exercise their muscles, and what better way than to encourage them to do so indoors. You can check here for more on how you can keep your felines from climbing everything at home.

Cameras Give You Rest of Mind

If you constantly worry about what your pet is up to when you are away, you surely want to invest in a pet cam. This will likely give you an idea of where they are and what they are up to around the house.

You can find those that can be fitted in strategic locations around the house or worn like a body cam. But all the same, you want to get one as it could save you all the worrying for when you are not home. What’s more, it could help provide added security for your house and pet.

A Window Perch is Ideal for Cat Gazing

Img source: pexels.com

You find your cat sitting on the window frame for long hours staring into the street. And while this is not a sign of boredom as felines are overly attracted to the outdoors.

But rather than have them stay uncomfortable in the available space on your window frame, you want to provide an option that makes them comfortable.

Cat seats or feline window perch is an excellent way for your pet to get in some vitamin D while they bathe in the sun and also to keep a watchful eye on the neighborhood. You can find those with suction cups that make it easy for you to attach to the windows. So you want to make sure to research extensively for options that will work in your home.

Water Fountains Could Encourage more Drinking

It is no secret that cats are a bit picky when it comes to drinking water. While dogs won’t mind sipping from their meal bowl, felines, on the other hand, might not like the idea of having their water through close to the meal bowl. So you want to find out how best your cat loves to enjoy their drinking water.

If they like to climb on the bathroom or kitchen sink and fiddle with the faucet, it is a good sign they are attracted to that type of water source. So the best bet would be to make available a cat water fountain that is easy to clean and maintain. The link here https://www.wikihow.pet/Encourage-Your-Cat-to-Drink-More-Water has more on how to encourage your cat to drink more water.

Final Note

It’s a long list of available gadgets for cat breeds, so you want only to consider those that will be essential to your feline lifestyle. You want to avoid unnecessary ones and be careful not to spend too much on options that your pet can do without.

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