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7 Best Supplements For Energy And Weight Loss – 2024 Guide

Trying to lose weight in the busy life that the 21st century came along with can and will prove difficult. Not even that, but maintaining optimal levels of energy to get you through the day and overall the obstacles seems impossible to many average people. While things may look dire and futile, they are far from it as there is so much you can do to help your cause. You will lose some weight in the process and have more energy in your life. All you have to do is change your diet and start consuming all the right supplements, vitamins, and nutrients.

Eating healthy in general comes in many shapes and forms. Of course, if you are completely dissatisfied with your physique, you should start by eliminating junk food and everything else that is rather unhealthy overall. However, this does not mean you have done everything you can as the diet you are on now may not be sufficient in the right weight loss and high energy level supplements. This is why you should be taking them on the side, to meet your body’s requirements and improve your well-being.

In the article before you we examine the best supplements you should start taking if your desire is to have more energy and lose weight. All of these are widely available so there is no reason not to take them daily any longer. If you are looking to increase your knowledge about weight loss and energy supplements, make sure to check out https://apnews.com.

1. Whey Protein Powder

img source: healthline.com

Yes, the best friend of any and every fitness and gym freak you know. Despite it being the go-to substance for building muscles, it is also great for losing weight and giving you more energy during both workouts and in general. On average, overweight people who take one dose each day lose more weight (and more quickly) than those who opted for soy protein or some other example. First of all, whey suppresses the appetite and helps you eat a bit less. The body also needs more energy to digest it and use all of its beneficial ingredients. This means that more calories are burned than with average food. All in all, pick a good brand and your favorite flavor and start taking whey protein after each workout or other prolonged physical activity.

2. Caffeine

img source: verywellmind.com

Thanks to methylxanthine that naturally occurs in caffeine, taking coffee each day has a range of benefits. The important thing is to drink it within reason and never put crazy modern toppings like syrups, whipped cream, and other sweets. Coffee should be coffee, and it is at its healthiest when drank without anything else. According to Vivarin Gum, besides energy and weight loss benefits, caffeine also makes us more alert and lowers the risk of cancers. Its most beneficial thing is the fact it promotes fat oxidation. The body breaks down larger fat molecules better and uses them as energy. How much more convincing do you need other than this? Its antioxidant properties help our central nervous systems, and it is still the best and healthiest boost of energy both in the morning and in the afternoon.

3. Green Tea

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Teas are some of the best and healthiest things you can consume whenever and wherever, and the best of them for fat burning is green tea. The phytochemicals in the plant are its key feature for human consumption, especially ECGC (epigallocatechin gallate). Consuming green tea extract in low doses increases the oxidation of fat by as much as 33%. For the best effect, you should look at the label for at least 50% EGCG and 90% polyphenols. Green tea comes in many forms and varieties, do find your own favorite and start taking it daily. It will also boost your metabolism as a whole, giving you more energy in the process.

4. Cayenne Pepper

img source: healthline.com

You probably already know how healthy cayenne pepper actually is, but you also probably do not know why. A teaspoon or a capsule once a day will make your appetite slightly lower, which can greatly benefit people who frequently feel the need for both salty and sweet snacks. The source of this pepper’s heat is capsaicin, which is amazing for the metabolism and can increase its strength and readiness by 15% to 20% two hours after consumption. This means you should take it slightly before physical activity and workouts. The sympathetic nervous system, which is very active with digestion and after eating in general, is activated faster with capsaicin, which of course has different positives for losing weight.

5. Olive Leaf Extract

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Just like anything else made from olives (like extra virgin olive oil and olives themselves), the plant extract in its raw form is filled with favorable nutrients and supplements that are great for the body. The flavonoids and polyphenols help with inflammations and blood sugar, lowering and stabilizing them respectively. Other than its antioxidant properties, fat loss is also supported due to how it influences insulin. The overall amount of fat the body stores is reduced thanks to anything olive-related, especially the leaf extract. What is more, glucose levels normalize with its consumption, giving you less need for food cravings at weird times throughout the day.

6. Vitamin Breakdown

img source: lyonsdenfitness.co.uk

Of course, you should also start taking certain vitamins (if you are not already). The go-to should be vitamin C that is practically good for anything. Vitamin B complex and vitamin D are also generally recommended to any active adult, as well as dose looking to be healthier and lose weight.

7. Other Supplements

img source: healthline.com

Last but not least, think about developing a habit to consume magnesium, zinc, calcium, selenium, iron, and omega 3 acids daily. Magnesium is good for your overall energy levels as well as for your cardiovascular system, as well as the regulation of muscle and nerve function, protein levels, bone health, stress, and sleeping. When it comes to the rest, they are all valuable for our system and they contribute to the overall health of the body, and therefore your weight loss efforts and energy levels.

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