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Is It Better for Cats to Live Indoor or Outdoor?

Thanks to the successful marketing of sprinkles and its application, we can see an increasing number of cats living in the house. However, sprinkling is not the only thing that triggered this change. In addition, today there are many interesting toys for pets, as well as perfectly designed houses. In such living conditions, your pet will not lack in anything and will not need to spend a lot of time outside. Yet cats are very curious and active.

Therefore, in addition to safety and health, you must also provide them with the stimulation they have in nature. Fortunately, every pet shop has a diverse selection of toys and other equipment that provides your pet with excitement, exercise and fun. If you’re still not sure if you want to keep your pet in the house, learn more about cats below.

Cats in the Outdoor Environment

Source: tractive.com

Research shows that cats that live outdoors have a shorter lifespan than cats that live indoors. Unfortunately, cats that live exclusively outside sometimes do not survive longer than two years. Unlike a house that provides them with security, the street is full of dangers. In addition to traffic and other animals, ticks and fleas are a big problem. However, they just love scratching trees and other objects, climbing on them and playing with branches. Chasing birds is one of their favorite activities, and they are equally interested in bugs or field mice. In fact, they are very easy to distract. Their curious nature does not allow them to rest except when lying in the sun, because that is another thing they like to do. However, the yard can provide a lot of stimulation to your pet and satisfy their wild nature. Many owners prefer to keep their pets in the house, and to take them outside from time to time.

This is not a bad idea, because cats will be less at risk. There are a few things you need to learn more about the outdoor conditions to make space completely safe for your cat. In that case, your cat will be equally fine outdoor as indoor. First of all, a cat that spends all its time in the house must be vaccinated if you plan to take it outside. For example, garden soil can contain a variety of diseases transmitted by other unvaccinated street cats. Equally often, they can come across rabies that is found in different parts of the country and is transmitted through contact with wild animals. These are mostly foxes, raccoons or bats. One of the best options is a cat leash, but your pet must agree to it first. Instead, make sure your cat has a secure fenced garden covered with a net.

Training a Cat on a Leash

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If you opt for this option, we must note that the dressage process is not easy. This is especially difficult if you are trying to get an adult cat used to a leash, because it is much easier for small animals to adapt. However, you need to follow a few rules when training. First of all, decide on an adequate am and tighten it, but you must not tighten it too tightly. If you are not sure that you did it properly, place your finger between the belt and the cat’s body. The finger should fill that space. Otherwise you have tightened the am too tight. Try to connect the walk with something pleasant such as food, because that way your cat will quickly adopt this habit. She will associate it with the pleasant feeling she gets after you feed her.

Be persistent and repeat the process several times a day. Once you realize that your pet is comfortable with the pet, do not take it off, but let it walk with it through the house. Be careful not to attach the leash to anything. After a while, take the leash in your hand and start following the cat around the house. That way, you’ll be able to get her used to this action before you try to pull the leash to a certain side. When you manage to get her used to the leash, you can go out with her. It is best to take the first walk in a quiet part of the street so that the cat is not afraid of traffic and other animals.

The Cat in the House

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So, it doesn’t matter if your cat lives in a house or in your yard. The most important thing is to provide her with perfect living conditions. This means that you will take into account its nature, habits and needs. If you decide to keep her in the house, it is important to take care of the hygiene of the home in which she lives. Although these animals are very clean and take care of their hygiene, you must be prepared for the hair of the whole house and your clothes. Therefore, it is necessary to vacuum the surfaces several times a week, but do not forget about your pet. Depending on the length of the hair, cats need regular brushing and combing.

That way, her hair will not get tangled while you maintain the hygiene of your home. You may be annoyed by her mischief at times, but learn to tolerate some of the damage your cat does. However, you can help her focus her energy on other things, such as interesting toys or houses. Today you can choose a cat house on several levels. It offers your pet many more options. Sometimes it takes some time to get used to it, but it only takes a little patience.


Cats are very elegant, lively and irresistible creatures. She is the perfect pet and you will only have positive experiences with her if you take proper care of her. However, before you get this pet, try to evaluate your time and possibilities. Also, think about why you want to bring this wonderful creature into your life and find out all about them. You and your pet will have a strong bond only if you find out what is best for him.

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