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6 Occupations with the Greatest Coronavirus Risk

With the advent of the Coronavirus and the first cases of which we were reported through the media, we thought it was a common seasonal flu that we do not need to worry much about. However, this was not the case. Shortly afterward we realized the seriousness of this dangerous disease, and how the situation escalated in a short time.

We did not realize how serious the matter was until we received information about how the virus was spreading at a tremendous rate from one city to another, from one country to another, to eventually spread across all continents and begin to infect the whole world. We received sad and worrying information every day about the number of infected people and mourning for those who lost the battle with this disease.

But still, life has to go on, despite the fear we felt we still had to go on with the daily activities we did before the advent of Covid 19.

Slowly we received instructions from the World Health Organization on how to act, a series of guidelines and measures were issued aimed at reducing and preventing the spread of the infection. But despite these measures, it continued to spread. To further protect and reduce the number of infected, quarantines and curfews were introduced, and in some places and even entire cities were locked down.

But in order not to stop the world completely, some people had a key function in their profession and who had to keep going to work. We are talking about jobs that have a huge risk of being exposed and infected with the virus. Below we will give you a list of those occupations with the highest coronavirus risk.

  1. Doctors and nurses

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People working in hospitals and clinics, such as doctors, nurses, and all staff, were the first to be exposed to this risk. And we can not find a way to thank them for everything they have done in the past few years. For their sacrifice and for the number of lives they saved. Although many people were safe at home during quarantine, these people continued to go to work every day and save lives, putting themselves at risk of becoming infected.

  1. Dentists

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After those who were employed in hospitals and clinics, the next on the list are the dentists. However, there were cases where their intervention was needed. Of course, some protocols must be followed to go to the dentist, both the patients and the dentists themselves had to wear protective equipment and do regular sterilization of instruments and work premises. But this did not mean that they were 100% safe and that there was no chance of them being infected.

  1. Teachers

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By the time online classes started, teachers were at huge risk. Especially those teachers who taught the younger students. We know how careless children are and how unwilling they are to follow rules, so it was very easy for the coronavirus to spread rapidly from one child to another in schools. A big problem was that there were cases that did not have any symptoms of coronavirus, and yet they continued to attend classes in school.

  1. Couriers

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Post offices across the country have never stopped working. By the time people started working from home, the work of the post office had increased significantly. The couriers worked hard every day to deliver all the shipments on time. And their health was put in jeopardy because they were in daily contact with different people when they delivered the shipments to the door. Although they were protected by masks, visors, and gloves, many couriers became infected with the virus in their workplaces.

  1. Bus and taxi drivers

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Many people who were positive for the virus, as they had no other way to go to a nearby laboratory and get tested, had only one way to be transported, either by bus or by taxi. So these drivers were in great danger because every day a huge number of people were transported in their vehicles, including the sick. There was a real mess, especially with the buses, because there was no way to maintain the required distance.

  1. People working at counters and cash registers

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Starting with the counters in the banks and the people who work in the supermarkets. Their contact with people was not reduced and thus their risk of being infected with the coronavirus in the workplace was increased. However, they continued with their work responsibilities and kindly served their clients on a daily basis.

All of these people needed our help to get the job done. If we properly follow the measures for protection against the virus, we will be able to reduce the chance of exposing them and the people around us to any infection.

But if you are in any of the above positions, we recommend that you consult and seek legal assistance. For more information, you can see here. This is a legal corporation that can answer your questions about whether you can sue if you get infected in the workplace. If you are already infected, we encourage you to contact them and see if you have a case. They will gladly help you with any of your problems.

Every job position carries its responsibilities and risks, but while this pandemic prevails, the responsibilities and risks are significantly increased. What we can do is to be careful in contact with people, to keep the recommended distance, to wear protective equipment such as a mask, visor, or gloves, and to prevent further spread.

And now we have the opportunity to vaccinate ourselves and further protect ourselves from the coronavirus. The vaccine will not completely protect us from getting the disease, but if we do, our symptoms can be significantly milder. Even if we are vaccinated, we should continue to respect the measures proposed to us by health organizations.

Only together and in harmony will we be able to fight this dangerous disease. Therefore, protect yourself and those you love, as well as all those around you.

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