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NBA Finals Highlights – 2024

SBR brings you a platform for getting NBA odds about the upcoming match. This year’s NBA Finals are going to feature the two teams: Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks. Today we will provide you the main highlights regarding the new and upcoming National Basketball Association game comprising these two teams.

It has been seen that the Bucks are strong-minded than the Suns as they have won the three matches straight, getting a score of 3-2, and entered the game Milwaukee. Those who are in the Phoenix Suns seem a little weak; all these situations take much pressure on the Suns team, especially on Chris Paul, the 16 years old player.

ESPN’s info and status show that there are 60% chances for the Bucks to win the NBA Finals. If the number proves right and if Bucks wins the game, there would probably be plenty of scapegoating about CP3 or Christopher Emmanuel Paul.

Let’s see how the arguments are for the players of Phoenix Suns, Milwaukee Bucks, and finally, Chris Paul. Check sportsbookreview.com to know more.

Devin Booker

Source: cbssports.com

There has been plenty of coverage on the shoulders of Devin Booker, which happened during the postseason. His records, including 27.7 points, 4.5 assists, and 2.1 threes which he established in his first playoff run, made people compare him with Kobe Bryant.

However, when ESPN’s Richard Jefferson asked about the same to Devin, he said

“I didn’t make that comparison myself,” Booker said. “…I just leave it at what he’s done for me as a mentor, and the advice that he’s left me with. So, I try to take bits and pieces of his mentality and his approach, but I should never be compared to Kobe Bryant.”

It is very clear why the comparison is there, especially for the player like Booker, who gave 40-point performances in Games 4 and 5. If he plays similarly in season 6, it would be impossible for him to avoid the comparison thing.

Mike Budenholzer

Source: nba.com

Mike Budenholzer, the prime coach of the Milwaukee Bucks team, his seats have moved many times from hot to cold (and vice versa). This has happened rarely in the NBA, and Mike is a part of this rare happening.

Mike coached his players very well and brought instant credibility to the Bucks in 2018-19. He got the trust by bringing 16 wins, plus he also secured his second Coach of the Year award.

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton were considered Mike’s biggest offenses for whom he used defensive schemes; both are behind Mike now. He averaged 33.0 minutes in his past two playoff runs, which brought Giannis at 37.9, and Mike is making use of him as a screener now more than ever.

However, if Mike doesn’t end up coaching well for Games 6 and 7, brows would be raised on his position making his seat unsafe.

Jrue Holiday

Source: behindthebuckpass.com

Jrue Holiday has been one of the players ensuring Milwaukee the victory. The player’s defense mechanism has always been steady, and this is the major reason for many of his winnings.

The most outstanding example of his playing mechanism is Game 5, where he made 27 points and 13 assists.

His fabulous play made Giannis say, “He trusted me.” “He knows that I’m going to finish the play, and that says a lot to me.”

The cooperation was very well evident between these two, and it continued throughout the game. Both maintained the interaction well during the play, and the hard work paid off as they helped Bucks reach the Finals.

His presence in the Game 6 or 7 is a sign that the Bucks have fair chances to win the game.

Khris Middleton

Source: dairylandexpress.com

Another gem of the Milwaukee Bucks is Khris Middleton which he has proved by getting a name for the next game of the NBA. His average remained at 23.9 points and 5.1 assists during the postseason. With this selection, Middleton has erased the thing “he’s not good enough to be a No. 2.”

The victory in Game 6 will be a big hit for him that will erase his average performance in the past.

Middleton has established himself as one of the game’s best wings. Stephen Curry is the only player in NBA history who can match the excellence of Middleton for the points, assists, and everything.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Source: dairylandexpress.com

The resume of Giannis might be far from complete; however, his victory in Game 6 will skyrocket his image and establish him as an even more fantastic player for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Over the past five years, we can compare the Giannis BPMs 8.6 with the following legends:

  • Kevin Garnett: 8.6
  • Charles Barkley: 7.8
  • Karl Malone: 7.4
  • Tim Duncan: 7.2
  • Dirk Nowitzki: 7.0

The championship of Games 6 this time will set him apart from every player, and his rank will see no end. Giannis comprises a unique play; he doesn’t just strategize but also dominates the opponent with this physique. His dominance also brings explosiveness along with length that is hardly seen in any other player.

He is not likely to slow down any soon; he will maintain his scoring well. It is very evident how no player can match his performance. It will be a bliss to see him lead the championship, and it will give wings to the Milwaukee Bucks without a doubt.

Chris Paul

Source: premiumtimesng.com

The player of the Phoenix Suns has everything at stake in Game 6. There is no choice left for him than to perform well in the upcoming match. It’s been more than a decade now since Paul is in the team, and this is his last chance to showcase his abilities and remain as an undisputed leader of a championship team.

After losing all the series and getting a score of 2-0, he needs a winning title more than any player in the team. He needs to play with excellence and give a high-turnover performance to save his space and become a headline.

Even if he doesn’t win the championship, Chris Paul will be considered the first-ballot Hall of Famer. However, Ringz Culture will have its debate and when the analysis of his career will happen 20 years from now.

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