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This might be the most powerful wake up call for us ever. If we ever knew the amount of trash that we create each year, it would literally shock us to the pelt. In January, photographer Gregg Segal took an initiative to actually portray the seriousness of the situation by his famous piece of work called “7 Days of Garbage". It shows Californian friends, neighbors, and relative strangers lying in the trash they created in one week. You will not be able to go to sleep after seeing this.

Young life...this precious. You don't understand what you have now until you're old. Its the vibe, energy and beauty of youth that writes most of your life story. Its what you do then that makes you feel content and happy. Make sure you don't miss out on your youth and have the time of your life.

Kids are cute and innocent. But sometimes...behind that innocent face...lies a side we dare not to question because the answers scare us. They play by their own rules and simply don’t care most of the time. But when they really get down to doing stuff, they can be pretty blunt and straight-forward. You know something's going on in their just know..

Love knows no language, no religion, no color and no boundaries. It just has to be pure and divine...a feeling that is a life time experience within itself. Its a feeling beyond comparison, a bond unbroken and a connection of two souls for lifetime and beyond. These inspiring love stories are all this and a lot more. One's that teach us the meaning of true love and its existence within this world. They inspire us, envelop us and sweep us off our feet. Long live love and all that goes with it.

I can promise you that you've never even thought of visiting these remarkable destinations. Think again. Life is much more than "booze, concerts and drugs." Most importantly, you will never get this age back - when you are young, free and independent. Your heart and will, both are strong when you're in your twenties then why waste time living in the same old civilised world?

Ramadan is just around the corner and you've already started planning your 'fasting goals' Well, believe it or not...whatever you do ...wherever you go, these experiences will always be the same. Let the Hunger Games begin!

We all know couples can be embarrassing and irritating at times. Although we love our "couple-y" friends, we have gotten irritated or embarrassed by them at some point in our lives and at least five of these points explain perfectly why you got pissed off in that moment.