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Your childhood is what hones your personality, it makes you what you are today and you spend most of that childhood in your own space - your room. While some of us got lucky to have proper rooms worth spending most of our time in, others didn't even get a proper roof to sleep under. Hence, James Mollison created "Where Children Sleep" - this project is a collection of photo stories of children around the world and their rooms. It is heart-breaking but truly awakening.

Frans Hofmeester, a dutch photographer, filmed his daughter at every age and he finally made what he probably had planned in his mind for all these years. The result is incredible. You'll see a baby turning 14 in just 4 minutes, I wonder how he did that.

Be it a friend, best friend, soul-mate or family, you need some people in your life permanently and to do that, you need to make efforts. Every person in your life has a role to play; it's upto you who you want as what in your life and that's where your relationship with them comes into play. It's all about how you treat every relationship and that's how every role is assigned to the people known to you. 

There are somethings you always wish someone had told you at a young age in your life. Time flies by so fast that there isn't enough time to do what you aimed for and utilizing this time is the key to a successful future where you can look back and be satisfied. Here are things you wish you knew at 20.

Sometimes words fall short to describe an indescribable and heart-wrenching image. sometimes emotions that rest within the eyes are enough to deliver what ought to be delivered and create an impact that is unmatched. Such is the power of these images which take you on a journey of rare, influential and soul-searching path bound to make you stop and rethink.