11 Things Girls Often Promise They'll Stop Doing But Then They Forget

You know deeply why you make these promises to yourselves - doing these things don't make you a bad person but not doing these things will make your life better than a mere "cakewalk". Go ahead, read and remind yourselves why you made some of these promises to yourselves at some crucial point. 

1. "I won't accept any drinks from a random guy. I will be self-sufficient."


You often have one of those liberating feminist ideas where you decide to be independent and not let any guy treat you like someone who can't afford to take care of herself, especially if that guy is NOONE to you. He is buying you a drink expecting something in return (don't get me wrong, it might just be your number or simply your name to follow you up on social network) but whatever it is, if you don't like him back, how is it fair to let him spend money and time on you? You'd rather have fun at your own expense rather than be indebted to someone useless and random.

2. "I won't stress over things that I know won't matter tomorrow because they aren't worth it. Most importantly, I won't show it."


Respecting yourself is the best thing you can do to yourself because it's very easy to keep your head low and take whatever shit people give you because they know, you'll feel BAD but you won't voice your opinion. The tough part is to keep your head held high and give the same shit back to people who deserve it. Don't let it be so easy for people to hurt you.

3. "And I won't cry like a baby when I really should be getting angry and DOING SOMETHING about it."


Crying helps in getting your emotions out but crying also gives the person in front of you a reason to take you for granted. Cry when you really need to, not when you want to.

4. "I will not come across so 'easy' to men because it really NEVER HELPS."


Well frankly, it's super cool to be upfront and be honest about what you like and say what you want bluntly but sadly, more than often, this idea works against you. So, keep it on the low.

5. "Being suspicious about your partner is not cool and it takes away a lot of my time so please God, give me strength to not think about it."


You've got to be smart to have a great relationship without falling prey to infidelity but that has nothing to do with acting like a SPY. In fact, that may end up marking the end to your beautiful relationship. Life would be so much easier when there's no suspicion involved.

6. "I need to find a better time and place for all my selfies."


The only reason you've got to control your fascination with selfies is that - it's irritating to a lot of people, especially when it's absolutely inappropriate. In fact, you miss some great moments while you're busy taking selfies.

7. "I'll try and not get supremely drunk at every night-out with my girlfriends, simply because IT IS NOT SAFE."


You often question yourself the next morning - "What if we didn't get a cab and what if we slept in the cab?" Although it's okay to get drunk when there's at least one sober person in the group, but each one of you wasted by the end of the night may not be a very good idea.

8. "I need to stop going for 'ladies nights' before I become an alcoholic."


Who can say no when drinks are on the house? So it's better to not go to places that have ladies night drinks because there, you always end up drinking more than what you should and sadly (or fortunately) there's ladies night at some place or the other at least 5 times a week in almost every city.

9. "I'll look pretty for myself only, not for others."


In the process of being a part of the crowd and putting on a made up face every day, you forget your own naturally beautiful face. Why give THAT up for anything in the world?

10. "I'll be less self-obsessed because it's better to be humble than arrogant."


When you start noticing that you don't really have lots of people to talk to, just know you're more self-obsessed than you should be. Look at yourself all day long in the mirror but at home, praise yourself when you know people around you won't judge, compliment yourself when you deserve it and do everything that means you love yourself but, do all of that without hurting anyone or irritating your loved ones.

11. "I don't like being the sexy, naughty, BITCHY me. I need to be kind to expect people to give me respect."


Why should people not bitch about you when you do exactly the same thing every day? It's tough to dislike someone and not talk about it, I agree, but, bitching constantly is unhealthy and it's high time you realise it.

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